ADD medication

ADD medication A pill Rebecca found
Owned by: Unknown — First Appearance: ""I'm So Happy That Josh Is So Happy!""

Wait a minute. What? Do I really need to tell you don't take a pill you found on the bathroom floor NEXT TO THE TOILET!?
— Dr.Phil, "I'm So Happy That Josh Is So Happy!"

Suffering from depression over developments between Josh and Valencia, Rebecca turned to ADD medication to help her concentrate. However, it only provided temporary relief and a brief distraction from her real issues. The medication was first seen in the Season One episode "I'm So Happy That Josh Is So Happy!".


When Josh and Valencia announced they were moving in together, Rebecca sunk into a deep depression over thier cohabitation. This affected her work and nearly cost the firm an important client when she fumbled a presentation she was supposed to give. She got sent home by Darryl to pull herself together. It didn't help as her depression and delusion worsened to the point that she was hallucinating that Dr.Phil was with her. She sought approval for a laundry list of prescription drugs from local psychiatrist Dr.Akopian but was refused. When she went to Akopian's restroom she found a pill on the floor in front of the toilet. After googling a description of it she found out it was ADD medication.

Her imagined Dr.Phil warned her not to take it but she argued it was necessary since it helped to improve focus. Dr.Phil argued what she really needed to do was accept that Josh didn't want her. She took the pill anyway which quickly energized her but instead of working on her presentation she did unnecessary tasks. She wasted the night regrouting the bathroom, painting her home and hanging a giant fish on the wall. However, she got depressed again when she checked Instagram and saw Valencia posted a photo of the bed she now shared with Josh accompanied by the hashtag "Christened". Rebecca decided she needed something to bring herself back down and contacted Heather Davis for some marijuana ("I'm So Happy That Josh Is So Happy!").

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Rebecca's car 🎈 Party bus 🎈 Dodge Caravan 🎈 Cadillac 🎈 Toyota 4Runner 🎈 Honda Accord 🎈 Subaru Legacy

Personal affects

Happily Ever After rocks β€’ Giant fish 🎈 Statue of Liberty keychain 🎈 Garfinkel ring 🎈 Josh's grandmother's ring 🎈 Rebecca's love letter 🎈 Scott Joplin drawer 🎈 Channy Bear 🎈 Emory sweatshirt 🎈 Blood and Lice 🎈 Valencia's love letter

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Pretzel 🎈 Dinuguan 🎈 Boba 🎈 Vodka bottle


Treadmill desk 🎈 ADD medication 🎈 Marijuana 🎈 Triceratops 🎈 Butter marketing campaign 🎈 Brooch 🎈 Balloon 🎈 Hacked emails 🎈 Key to the City 🎈 Table 🎈 Dart board 🎈 Paula's desk 🎈 Rebecca’s file 🎈 Dolspirone

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