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Show debut: "I'm Going on a Date with Josh's Friend!"
Family: Donna Lynne Champlin (wife), Charlie (son)


Maybe the best CXG meme I've seen!
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Andrew Arrow
Andrew Arrow is an American actor primarily known for his work on the stage. He was born and raised in Stanford, California where he attended Stanford University. It's there that he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and after graduating Arrow eventually relocated to New York City. He found steady work in various theatrical productions both in the United Stats and abroad in Europe. Arrow has also done several recordings for the Stage Stars label. Arrow began dating fellow star of the stage Donna Lynne Champlin and on January 21, 2010 they got engaged. Not long after they were married Andrew and Donna had a child together which they named Charlie. Arrow lives with his family on both the east and west coast having residencies in New York City and Los Feliz. It's in 2015 he made his Los Angeles debut in "Pride and Prejudice: A Musical" as "Mr. Gardiner". He is an avid fan of the California sports teams the San Francisco Giants and the 49ers. In 2016, Arrow portrayed the character of "Hank" in the Season Two of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend".


Year Show Role Location
2016, August 12 - 24 "Les Miserables" "Javert" New Windsor, New York.
2015 "Pride and Prejudice: A Musical" "Mr. Gardiner" Performed at the La Miranda Theater.
September 10, 2014 "Brigadoon" "Tommy" Banneran Island, New York
July 24, 2008 "Ragtime" "Tateh" Cape Rep, Masachusettes
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Gabrielle Ruiz ("Valencia Perez") 🎈 Scott Michael Foster ("Nathaniel") 🎈 David Hull ("White Josh")

Rene Gube ("Father Brah") 🎈 Erick Lopez ("Hector") 🎈 Ava Acres ("Young Rebecca")
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