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Audra Esther Levine

Audra Esther Levine Rebecca Bunch's nemesis from New York

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Occupation: Attorney
Family: Marilyn (Mother), Father, David (Husband), unnamed triplets (children)
Actor: Rachel Grate (adult), Daniela Somers (pre-teen)
First Appearance: "Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!"


I am happy. I'm so happy. This is what happy feels like.
— Audra Levine, "Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!"

Adult Audra

Audra Levine 2.jpeg

Portrayed by Rachel Grate

Pre-teen Audra

Young Audra.jpeg

Portrayed by Daniela Somers

Audra Esther Levine is a Jewish attorney from New York City and childhood acquaintance of Rebecca Bunch. In her childhood she competed against Rebecca academically and this conflict continued well into their professional careers. It wasn't until Bunch relocated to West Covina, California that Audra seemingly β€œwon” by accepting a promotion at the law firm of Sampson & Saunders which her rival declined. At the time she also got married to her longtime fiancΓ©e David, a successful hedge fund manager. The two frenemies were unexpectedly reunited when a high profile law suit saw them facing off against each other in court. Audra was first mentioned in the episode "I'm Going on a Date with Josh's Friend!" and made her appearance in the Season One episode "Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!". She is portrayed as an adult by actress Rachel Grate and as a pre-teenager by actress Daniela Somers.

Character history[]

Season One[]

β€œ Well, frankly, you have no case and no shot and no idea how to blend your foundation at your jawline so you need to back off, withdraw the case and save yourself the embarrassment of everyone knowing that you're a loser! ”

–Audra, "Josh and I Go to Los Angeles"

Season overview

Since they were children Audra Levine had a rivalry with Rebecca Bunch that lasted into adulthood. In 2015, Audra was working at the prestigious New York law firm Sampson & Saunders as was Rebecca. She was overjoyed to learn her frenemy had quit and moved to California. Audra felt she now had the upper hand in the rivalry after she accepted a promotion which Rebecca had declined. Months later her firm was hired by the west coast conglomerate called Greater City Water. She was to defend them against a class action lawsuit brought against them by clients from various cities whom they supplied water to. Audra was eager to accept this assignment as it meant she would face off against Rebecca Bunch who was the lead attorney for the plaintiffs. When she arrived in West Covina with her team she went to Rebecca's new firm to taunt her. She was confident having uncovered evidence about Rebecca's star witness. As expected she won but was unnerved by Rebecca's gracious acceptance of defeat and her advice to just be happy.

Audra Levine was raised in the Scarsdale area of Weschester County in New York. As a child she was pushed by her mother to excel scholastically but found herself always coming in second place to her fellow classmate Rebecca Bunch. Both were the top of thier class and social pariahs at school with similar upbringings. Despite the many traits they shared, Audra rejected any notions Rebecca had of them ever becoming friends. She believed Rebecca to be her rival and this antagonistic competition continued for years. In adulthood they both became lawyers after graduating from Ivy League schools; Audra from Cornell and Rebecca from Harvard. In 2015 they were both working at the same New York law firm of Sampson & Saunders but Rebecca pulled ahead of Audra by earning a promotion to junior partner.

Rebecca quit her job and relocated to West Covina, California which greatly pleased Audra who was glad to see her go ("Josh Has No Idea Where I Am!"). Audra accepted the promotion her rival turned down and established herself as the firm's top attorney. The following year Audra was approached by a new client, a west coast company called Greater City Water. A class action lawsuit had been filed against them which claimed they'd been diverting water areas around the San Gabriel Valley to Los Angeles. Audra had personal reasons for taking the case as the opposing counsel was Rebecca Bunch. She and her team flew to West Covina and went to the law offices of Whitefeather & Associates. Audra told her rival that there was no settlement offer and to drop the lawsuit (β™« JAP Battle β™«). Her advice was ignored and the case went to trial in Los Angeles.

In the L.A. County courtroom, Audra waited as Rebecca presented all her plaintiffs testimony which ended with her star witness Bert. He was a Greater City Water ex-employee who had done extensive research detailing his former company's illegal activities. When it was Audra's turn for cross examination she brought up that Bert had been suffering from schizophrenia for sixteen years. With no further questions, Audra subtly celebrated with her team the devastating blow she dealt to Rebecca's case. After a brief recess, Rebecca was called by the judge to present further evidence or give her closing argument. Audra was unnerved when her nemesis kept staring at her and seemed to be experiencing some inner struggle involving files she had in her possession.

Audra was shocked when Rebecca finally snapped out of her funk and delivered a sentimental speech as her closing argument. After some deliberation, the judge ruled in favor of Greater City Water feeling Audra did put some doubt into the legitimacy of Bert's testimony. Audra could barely contain her excitement at having won the case and after the court cleared aproached Rebecca to gloat. Rebecca admitted her defeat but told Audra she beat someone who didn't really exist anymore. Audra didn't care as long as she had the victory and was about to walk away when Rebecca stopped her. She told Audra to take care of herself and not to forget to let herself be happy. Audra was a bit taken aback by the sentiment and stated that she was already happy before walking away ("Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!").

Season Two[]

Months later, Audra and David were invited to a Bar Mitzvah for a teenager of a family at their temple. His name was Skyler who was the cousin of Rebecca Bunch. Once the ceremony was over, David and Audra attended the after party where they ran into Rebecca who was there with her boyfriend Josh Chan. After Rebecca mocked her brief tryst with David, he and Josh left to let Audra and Rebecca catch up. ("Will Scarsdale Like Josh's Shayna Punim?").

Season Three[]

Audra visited Rebecca at the Bunch residence. She suggested to Rebecca that Naomi is acting nicer because she has a hidden agenda, which made Rebecca suspicious.("I Never Want to See Josh Again.")

Season Four[]

In a personal crisis, Audra had an affair with a gambler at Las Vegas, leaving her husband David alone with their triplets. To keep this a secret, he called Rebecca to convince Audra to return home. Although Rebecca had bigger problems going on in her life, this was a welcome distraction, so she agreed. The same applied to the rest of the Gurl Group, so they all went. Eventually, Audra realized the gambler was not what she had imagined him to be and decided to return to her husband and children. In the process, she and Rebecca learned what each esteem in the other.

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