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Show debut: "My Mom, Greg's Mom and Josh's Sweet Dance Moves!"


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Audrey Alison Wauchope is an American writer and former actress. She was born in New York City, NY and raised in Westport, Connecticut. After a few years in front of the cameras she transitioned into a role behind the scenes as both a staff writer and producer. In 2014 she was featured prominently in the documentary "Meet the Patels" which chronicled her romance at the time with comedian Ravi Patel. Ultimately they broke up and Wauchope moved on to begin a relationship with another writer and producer named Warren Lieberstein ("The Office"). On July 3rd, 2016 Audrey and Warren got married. Together they have one daughter; Wauchope is also the stepmother to Lieberstein's daughter Ruby whom he had with his ex-wife actress Angela Kinsey. Wauchope is currently a writer and producer on The CW show "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend". She is good friends with fellow staffer Rachel Specter whom she has worked with on variety of past projects. She and Specter both made their onscreen debut together on the show appearing as nurses in the Season Two episode "Can Josh Take A Leap Of Faith?". Waichope is currently expecting another child as she works on Season Three of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend".


Television shows
Year Show Position Number of episodes
2015 "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" Co-producer, Writer 17 episodes
2014 "Cougar Town" Executive story editor 13 episodes
2003 "Ed" Actress 1 episode

Year Title Role
2014 "Meet the Patels" (Documentary) Herself
2009 "Breaking Upwards" Waitress
2008 "Below the Law" Smoothie girl
2006 "The Boys & Girls Duide to Getting Down Stoned girl
2000 "Real Thing" Girl
2006 "Let it Snow" Class clown


One Tree Hill scandalEdit

In 2017 a number of past Hollywood sexual harassment scandals came to light in the wake of Mirimax film producer and executive Harvey Weinstein’s transgressions. In November of that year Audrey Wauchope was one of several women to step forward telling her own story of sexual harrsment on Twitter. This also involved her friend Rachel Specter who at the time was also on staff with her on that show. This involved a former boss of hers whom she didn’t name but was eventually learned to be Mark Schwahn the former show runner of “One Tree Hill.” Actresses from the show supported Wauchope’s claims on social media. This included Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton and Bethany Joy Lenz who detailed their own harrasment by Schwahn. Due to the revelation Schwahn was removed as showrunner of his latest series “The Royals.”

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Behind the scenes was more scandalous then
the drama onscreen.

Rachel SpecterEdit

Audrey Wauchope is good friends with fellow "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" writing staff member Rachel Spector. Together they co-wrote the episodes "My Mom, Greg's Mom and Josh's Sweet Dance Moves!" and "Josh's Sister is Getting Married!". In the past they have worked as writing partners on a number of different television shows starting with The WB (now The CW) show “One Tree Hill.” Other projects included a pilot with actress Angela Kinsey who just happens to be the ex-wife of Wauchope's husband TV producer Warren Lieberstein.

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