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Bunch residence

Bunch residence Rebecca childhood home
Location: Scarsdale, New York — Debut: "I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!""

So I invited everyone to come to my house and watch the pay per view concert of my favorite boy band "Room Temperature".
— "I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!"

The Bunch residence is the childhood home of Rebecca Bunch located in Scarsdale, New York. Rebecca lived there with her parents until her father abruptly abandoned them when she was twelve years old. From then on it was just her and her mother Bunch living there until Rebecca went on to college. Currently Naomi lives alone having turned Rebecca's room into a storage area for her collection of Marie Claire magazine. It's first appearance was in the Season One episode "I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!".


Season One[]

Season Two[]

Season Three[]

  • I Never Want to See Josh Again.”: Rebecca returns home after failing to get revenge on Josh for leaving her at the altar. Naomi tries to help her get her life back together and after learning her daughter is contemplating suicide she secretly gives her anxiety medication. When Rebecca finds this out she goes back to West Covina.
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