Continuity Recurring theme: Consistency within the show
First Appearance: ""Josh Just Happens to Live Here!""

— Paula, "I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and his friends!"

Continuity is anything in a story which builds upon previously established elements. This refers to not only character motivations and the progression of storylines but also a person, place, or thing which has some significance to those recurring plot points. Certain categories such as Episode songs, Reprises and Running jokes also technically fall under this definition but are given their own separate sections as they are a very specific kind of Continuity. In the "Recurring Themes" section of the episode pages on this Wikia, Continuity that appeared in that particular episode are listed and separated into specific categories. Below are descriptions of each type of category.

Continuity categoriesEdit

  • People: Introduction or return of a character, usually significant to the plot.
  • Places: Introduction or return of a place, usually significant to the plot.
  • Plot points: Signficant story elements in that episode which play a part on the overarching narrative.
  • Things: Introduction or return of things (items), usually significant to the plot.
  • Previously: Recap of things that happened in previous episodes which tie into a more current one. These are often shown in a series of brief clips at the start of an episode.
  • Callback: A recycling of a narrative, dialogue, or action done intentionally for humor or to highlight a specific plot point.
  • Continuation: Episodes which follow immediately after the previous one.
  • Backstory: A part of a character's history just revealed.
  • Foreshadowing: Something which alludes to or hints at an upcoming plot point.
  • Flashback: A previously unseen event that is shown onscreen.
  • Relationship developments: Significant changes that occur between two or more characters that have an impact on their future interactions.
  Recurring themes edit

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