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Cornelia Wickfield

Cornelia Wickfield Lawyer hired to replace Rebecca.

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Occupation: Lawyer
Family: Three children and a husband.
Actor: Bayne Gibby
First Appearance: "I Never Want to See Josh Again."
I don't know what's going on. You're crying and I'm in a bathing suit. How did this happen?
— Cornelia, "I Never Want to See Josh Again"

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Portrayed by Bayne Gibby
Cornelia Wickfield is an attorney who is a graduate of Harvard University and Yale Law. She is pragmatic, straightforward and humble, particularly in her approach to her job. Cornelia was brought over to Whitefeather & Associates from Nathaniel Plimpton's family's firm to replace Rebecca Bunch but ended up quitting soon after. Her first appearance was in the Season Three episode "I Never Want to See Josh Again." She is portrayed by actress Bayne Gibby.


Season Three[]

In 2016, Cornelia Wickfield was working for the Los Angeles law firm of Plimpton, Plimpton and Plimpton. One of the partners Nathaniel Plimpton III requested help in the new branch office he was now running in West Covina. Cornelia was sent to take over the case load of a lawyer named Rebecca Bunch who resigned. She arrived at the office and was greeted warmly by the staff. However, she eventually started to get uncomfortable with the weird attention her co-workers were giving her. Jim was flirting with her, Maya was looking for her to be a mentor and her boss Darryl Whitefeather was asking her about relationship advice. She couldn’t even take a lunch break without being interrupted and threw out a burrito she bought just to avoid her co-workers.

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