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Dr. Chester Roth

Dr. Chester Roth Doctor who doesn't understand humor.

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Occupation: Cardiologist
Family: Dr. Nick Roth (twin brother), Sister in law
Actor: Dan Gregor
First Appearance: "I Need A Break"

Why are you laughing?
— Dr. Chester Roth, "I Need A Break"

Dr. Chester Roth is a cardiologist at Glenn Willow Medical Center in West Covina, California. He is known for being expressionless and not understanding humor. He has a twin brother Dr. Nick Roth who works at the same hospital as a physician. Chester's first appearance was the Season Four episode "I Need A Break." He is portrayed by actor/comedian Dan Gregor husband of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" co-creator and star Rachel Bloom.


Season Four[]

At Glenn Willow Medical Center, Dr. Chester Roth was called in to see Paula Proctor, a paralegal and recent law school graduate, who was having a cardiac event. It turned out she had been going about her usual routine for 18 hours feeling sick but unaware she was experiencing a major blockage in her artery. At the insistence of her husband Paula saw a gynecologist thinking her symptoms were menapausal related. The doctor quickly deduced the real cause and she was rushed to the ICU under Dr. Roth's care. Roth was impressed with his patient's attitude as she was unafraid of surgery and just wanted to get it over with. After the procedure was done, Roth went to the waiting room to update her husband Scott and best friend Rebecca on her condition ("I Need A Break").


Mr. Rachel Bloom[]

In real life actor/comedian Dan Gregor is married to "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" creator Rachel Bloom. Rachel wrote a blog about their courtship and wedding on

Dan Gregor and Rachel Bloom wedding ceremony.png
Dan and Rachel's wedding ceremony

First name[]

The first name of this Dr. Roth was never spoken onscreen but according to ID badge he is wearing in the Season Four episode "I Have To Get Out" it is "Chester."

Dr. Chester Roth ID badge.jpeg
Dr. Chester Roth
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