Father Brah

Father Brah Friend of Josh Chan and West Covina preist

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Occupation: Catholic priest
Family: Mr.Brah (father), Eric (brother)
Actor: Rene Gube
First Appearance: "Josh and I Are Good People!"


Please, Mr. Brah was my father. I'm Father Brah.
— Father Brah, "That Text Was Not Meant for Josh!"

Father Brah 2
Portrayed by Rene Gube
Father Joseph, better known as Father Brah, is a Filipino Catholic priest and West Covina native. He and Josh Chan were good friends growing up in the area where they both attended Pizarro Hills High School (class of 2006). Joseph was close to Josh's social cirlce and at school had a reputation of being a stoner. In his senior year, he and Josh's girlfriend at the time Valencia Perez had a secret affair which ended before graduation. Joseph went on to attend seminary and became a priest popular amongst his congregation for his easy going and chill attitude. This personality earned him his nickname "Brah" which was given to him by Josh. His first appearance was in the Season One episode "Josh and I Are Good People!". He is portrayed by actor, comedian and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend show writer Rene Gube.

Character historyEdit

Season OneEdit

β€œ I blamed my baby brother for that baby bunny body. ”

–Father Brah

Season overview

In 2015, Father received a promotion to manning the church's confessional booth. One of his first "clients" was his long time friend Josh Chan who was the one who came up with his nickname. Over the next few months Brah would act as a sounding board for Josh offering his advice on his troubles. These usually involved Josh's relationship issues he had with his then live-in girlfriend at the time Valencia Perez and also his teenage summer camp fling Rebecca Bunch. Bran did his best to help guide Josh through his crises and provided his honest opinion even when Josh did not want to hear it. During this time he also counseled the couple Scotte and Paula Proctor. They were having marriage problems and he advised them using a metaphor involving a sinking boat. In his personal time Brah enjoyed basketball and even competed in an interfaith amateur league. He also smoked weed from a stained glass bong to help ease his back pains.

In November of 2015, Father Brah had just been promoted to manning the church's confessional booth when his old friend Josh Chan showed up looking for guidance. He jokingly told Josh to do 5000 Hail Mary's and 400 head stands as penance before revealing himself. Brah thanked Josh for coming up with his nickname which helped to significantly boost attendance. Brah suggested they have a change of venue to discuss Chan's problem and they continued the conversation outside on the basketball court. While they played one on one, Josh confessed that even though he's happy with Valencia he can't stop thinking about his ex-girlfriend Rebecca Bunch.

Brah tells him that his personal crisis is God telling him to take stock of his life. As an assignment he told Josh to bring him back a list of all his sinful thoughts. Brah then stole the basketball away from Josh and sank a three pointer. The next day Brah was stretching on the basketball court for an interfaith league game when Josh returned. They reviewed his list and Brah noted Rebecca's name showed up a lot. Father Brah then told Josh his thoughts aren't what matters only his actions and pointed out the real problem that needed to be addressed. Now that Josh has acknowledged his attraction for Rebecca how will he deal with those feelings ("Josh and I Are Good People!").

Months later, Father Brah is contacted by Scott and Paula Proctor to provide some marriage counseling. Paula had earlier told Scott she was unhappy with their relationship but then took it back not wanting to 'rock the boat'. Brah insisted it was important they deal with these feelings otherwise the unhappiness will grow. Continuing the metaphor, he compared it to putting a hole in the boat which would doom their marriage eventually.The Proctors agreed to any guidance he could provide and Brah suggested they have a dinner date alone without the kids. Brah then attempted and failed to sink a miniature basketball through a hoop above the door ("That Text Was Not Meant for Josh!").

One night while Father Brah took medicinal marijuana for his back injury, Josh Chan knocked on his office looking for advice again. Chan had just kissed Rebecca Bunch and his guilt drove him to seek guidance for betraying his girlfriend Valencia. Although Brah was slightly incoherent he was able to provide Josh some insight into his current dilemma. He told him the story of when as a child he framed his little brother Eric for killing the class frog. This lie shaped both his and Eric's life significantly for good and bad. Brah told Josh that he needed to be honest with his girlfriend Valencia and tell her what happened. He also wished him good luck as he was aware of how scary Valencia could be ("Josh is Going to Hawaii!").

Later Father Brah meets up with Josh in the park for a game of checkers and to hear about his latest problem. Josh apologizes to Brah after snapping at him and tells him he's been doing that a lot lately for reasons he can't understand. When Brah asks him to pinpoint when this started Josh rants about how Rebecca and Greg have become closer recently. Brah immediately sized up the situation and told Josh he's jealous Rebecca is no longer paying him attention. Brah reminds Josh he chose Valencia and that if his friends are happy he should let them be. He then tells Josh it's his move which confuses him until Brah tells him he meant it's his move in the checkers game they were playing ("Why Is Josh in a Bad Mood?").

Season TwoEdit

β€œ Look Josh, I'm a man of God and I try to believe the best in everyone but if you think you're going to make it through a whole weekend with a bunch of 70 year olds and not be called 'oriental' you're out of your ever loving mind. ”

–Father Brah, "Will Scarsdale Like Josh's Shayna Punim?"

Season overview

Father Brah met up with Josh at Cup of boba to talk about another crisis his friend had. At the time Josh's best friend Greg Serrano was currently trying to stay sober after having admitted he was an alcoholic. Josh was secretly living and sleeping with his ex-girlfriend Rebecca Bunch. He wasn't sure Greg could handle the news in his fragile state. Father Brah agreed that Josh should keep it a secret as telling him now would only appease Josh's guilt and harm to Greg. However, when Greg unexpectedly showed up to have a boba with Heather Davis Josh couldn't help himself. Father Brah cringed when Josh blurted out the truth to Greg. Afterwards Brah lied to Josh telling him that it went well. Brah again counseled Josh when his friend was about to go with Rebecca to meet her family in Scarsdale. While they talked on a bench outside of the church Brah searched for weed he had hidden in the trees with a pair of binoculars. Brah was asked a few weeks later to officiate the wedding of Josh and Rebecca who had just gotten engaged. The night before he attended Joshs bachelor party at Home Base. While he was there he answered several questions Josh had about becoming a priest. The next day at the ceremony Brah was informed by Josh he was joining the seminary and leaving Rebecca at the altar. Brah had to pass this information to his friends fiancΓ©e who reacted poorly to the news.

Father Brah Season Two
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"When Will Josh See How Cool I Am?":

"Will Scarsdale Like Josh's Shayna Punim?":

"Can Josh Take A Leap Of Faith?":

Season ThreeEdit

"Josh Is a Liar.": Josh brings a file on Rebecca to Father Brah which reveals a scandal in her past.

Season FourEdit

"I'm On My Own Path": Father Brah presides over Hector and Heathers wedding.

"I'm Not The Person I Used To Be": Father Brah finds out that Valencia actually chose to be with him 12 years ago not Josh.

"I Need Some Balance": Father Brah is brought in to mediate a conflict between Darryl and Bert.

"I Have a Date Tonight": Father Brah tells everyone that God is okay with them betting on Rebeccas love life.

"I'm In Love": Father Brah is in attendance alongside Rebecca's other friends when she debuts her songs.


"Josh and I Are Good People!"

β€œI've been meaning to tell you, thank you so much for the nickname.”— Father Brah to Josh Chan

"That Text Was Not Meant for Josh!"

β€œScott...Paula. Be the boat not the hole. No one likes a hole.”— Father Brah

"Josh is Going to Hawaii!"

β€œI blamed my baby brother for that baby bunny body.”— Father Brah


Rene GubeEdit

The Filipino-American actor who portrays Father Brah is Rene Gube who is also a writer on "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend". His previous work as a writer includes "Up All Night" and "Ground Floor" which he also starred in as the character "Threepeat". He has also appeared on shows like "Community" and in films like "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World". He is married to his co-star from "Ground Floor" Briga Heelan who has guest starred on "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" as Connie Cavanagh in the Season One episode "That Text Was Not Meant for Josh!".

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Cast of "Ground Floor"
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