Hank Member of the "West Brovinas"

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Occupation: Unknown
Family: Wife
Actor: Andrew Arrow
First Appearance: ""Who's the Cool Girl Josh is Dating?""

Do what I do when I get nervous. Take off your underwear.
— Hank, "Who's the Cool Girl Josh is Dating?"

Hank is a resident of West Covina, California who works in the shipping department of a warehouse. He is a barbershop quartet enthusiast who sings tenor in a band with co-worker and friend Scott Proctor. His first appearance was in the Season Two episode "Who's the Cool Girl Josh Is Dating?". He is portrayed by actor Andrew Arrow, the husband of series regular Donna Lynne Champlin (see Notes section below).


Season TwoEdit

In December of 2016, Hank and his barbershop quartet the "West Brovinas" had been hired to perform at their work place. According to some they were the talk of the shipping department. They were to sing at a warehouse where a Christmas party for all the workers was being held. Hank and the others were set to provide the closing entertainment. Their opening act was a group of fellow employee's children doing the first half of the popular musical "Hamilton". At the event Hank was in full barbershop costume and talking with the other Brovina's. He noticed his friend and bandmate Scott Proctor looked nervous.

He admitted this to Hank who advised him to do what he does whenever he gets nervous which was take off his underwear. Scott at first believed he misheard Hank and thought he meant picturing the audience in their underwear. Hank was confused by that notion feeling that doing such a thing would be weird and awkward. He corrected Scott and clarified he meant making himself more comfortable by not letting everything hang out. Hank told Scott it both calmed and relaxed him not to go commando. Scott replied he was doing his own variation of that by using an old t-shirt as his underwear since his laundry at home hadn't been done in a while.

Hank was curious as to where Scott's wife Paula was as he didn't see her alongside his own. Scott assured him she was coming as she had to do some law school related things. Later, Hank and the West Brovinas finished off their performance with an encore of the classic song "Let Me Call You Sweetheart". As Hank's wife recorded that performance, Paula finally showed up pushing her way through the audience to the front. Afterwards, Hank had a drink with Scott at a bar who was upset that Paula didn't show up in time to see the West Brovinas sing ("Who's the Cool Girl Josh Is Dating?").


Mr. and Mrs. Donna Lynne ChamplinEdit

"Hank" actor Andrew Arrow is the husband of "Paula Proctor" actress Donna Lynne Champlin. They were married May 10, 2010 and together they have one child named Charlie.

Champlin Arrow family
The Arrow-Champlin family
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