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Hector Friend of Josh, husband of Heather and 202nd best surfer in the state of California.

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Occupation: Competitive Surfer
Family: Heather Davis (wife), Estella (mother), Mr. and Mrs. Davis (in-laws)
Actor: Erick Lopez
First Appearance: ""Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!""

Yeah, I'm so stoked. And I promise this time I won't oversleep and miss it.
— Hector, "I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends!"

Hector is a West Covina native who is ranked the 202nd top surfer in the state. Along with with Greg Serrano and White Josh he is close friends with Josh Chan. They all grew up together as kids and formed a tight knit crew. Hector is the youngest of the group and lived with his mother long after high school graduation. This was a fact he wasn’t ashamed of as he considered her his best friend. This changed when he started dating Heather Davis and saw his friend Josh Chan hanging out with his mother like he did. With a different perspective he decided to make changes and finally moved out to live with his girlfriend. On a whim Hector and Heather got married by a judge and later had a big ceremony in front of their family and friends. He and his wife Heather moved to El Segundo after he got a job there teaching surfing. His first appearance was in the Season One episode "Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!". He is portrayed by actor Erick Lopez.

Character history[]

Season One[]

β€œ She was jerking your chain now she's jerking your chain! ”

–Hector, "Why is Josh in a Bad Mood?"

Season overview

In 2015, Hector and his friends in the crew were reunited with Josh Chan after his eight month stint in New York City. While going to the grocery store with Wilson and Greg he met the towns latest resident Rebecca Bunch. He would later learn she was an ex-girlfriend of Chan's and that Greg was really into her. Hector and the crew spent hours helping Chan assemble a dining table which was a gift for Josh's girlfriend Valencia Perez. Later, Hector met up with the crew to see a movie and they made plans afterwards to go to the beach the next day. Unfortunately as everyone expected Hector overslept and missed the outing despite numerous alarms he had to wake himself up. He did attend a PPV get together with Wilson and Greg at Darryls place which turned into a huge party. One night Josh Chan called Hector to get some friends to interrupt a dinner he was having with Rebecca and act as a buffer for him since he was unsure about her intentions. Hector went to Hawaii to compete in a surfing competition. Sometime later, Hector figured out that Greg's unusually happy mood was because he and Rebecca had started sleeping together. Hector convinced Greg to go with him on a double date to maintain the upper hand he had now but his friend backed out at the last minute when he learned Rebecca was in the hospital. Hector was unsuccessful in his attempts to salvage the double date.

Hector Season One.jpeg
Hector grew up with Josh Chan, Greg and Josh Wilson in West Covina. The crew was separated for a time when Chan went to New York City but reunited eight months later when he moved back home. Hector accompanied Greg and White Josh on a late night grocery store run. As he snacked on some Twizzlers they bumped into the towns latest resident Rebecca Bunch. Greg introduced him and Josh but Hector had to correct his friend as he mistakenly told her he was the 203rd best surfer in the state when he was the 202nd. Rebecca apologized to them for her disheveled appearance and Hector hopefully suggested next time she'll look better. The four of them encountered the other Josh and Valencia and an awkward scene ensued when Rebecca tried to ingratiate herself to Chan's girlfriend ("Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!").

Hector was called alongside his other crew mates to Greg Serrano's house in order to help Chan put together a a dining table he bought for Valencia. Hector tried to leave after learning how complicated the process would be but was eventually coaxed back to help. The crew struggled for hours to complete the table and at one point they all fell asleep. Hector disagreed when Wilson and Greg stated they hated the table and went on a tangent about tandem parking for a girlfriend he had once. This amused and confused his friends since what Hector was describing sounded like something entirely different. After they finally finished the table Hector and the crew presented it to Valencia. Despite their efforts she politely but firmly rejected the gift much to the disappointment of everyone involved ("I'm So Happy That Josh Is So Happy!").

Sometime later, Hector joined the crew and Valencia at the movie theater to watch a film. Afterwards, Hector and the others discussed the film and he compared himself to the bad boy rich kid character who sleeps with the girl in remission. Along with the rest of the crew he convinced Greg to join them for a beach trip. He promised this time he would wake up on time for the trip but Greg believed he wouldn't. Hector and the others were surprised when Valencia personally asked Rebecca Bunch to go with them as well. As Greg predicted, Hector missed the trip because he overslept despite having a multitude of alarm clocks in his room going off at the same time. His mother repeatedly knocked and yelled at him through his bedroom door which finally woke him up ("I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends!").

Hector got a call from Josh and told him he needed to gather a bunch of their friends. Josh was freaking out because he was going to be alone with Rebecca whom he didn't fully trust anymore. They were at a JalapeΓ±o Jack's restaurant using a coupon which provided free drinks with a meal. Hector brought Beans, White Josh and Ken interrupting the intimate dinner Rebecca had set up with her and Josh. Hector pretended it was just a chance meeting and the others pulled up a second table for them to sit at. Josh sat at the other table with his friends much to Rebecca's annoyance ("Group Hang"). When the bill came Hector and the others claimed they didn't have any money and Rebecca was forced to pay for it. Afterwards Josh took Hector aside and thanked him for showing up and having his back ("Josh and I Work on a Case!").

While having a beer at Home Base, Hector was unnerved by Greg's behavior as he seemed genuinely happy. When Rebecca walked in he observed them heavily flirting with each other. In private Hector congratulated his friend for finally getting the girl he'd been chasing after for months. He cautioned Greg that he needed to retain the upper hand he has now and keep her on the hook by being aloof. He later suggested that Greg go on a double date with him to keep up the facade. Greg agreed and met up with Hector and their dates at Cup of boba but left after receiving an emergency text from Rebecca. Hector briefly thought the night could be salvaged when one girl joked they could have a threesome but was disappointed when they reminded him they were cousins ("Why Is Josh in a Bad Mood?").

Season Two[]

β€œ Why are all my friends in love with this girl? ”

–Hector, "When Will Josh See How Cool I Am?"

Season overview

After Jayma's wedding, Hector learned Josh was now sleeping and living with Rebecca. He urged his friend to tell Greg the truth when he got back from his visit with his family. Hector and the rest of The Crew later met up with Greg when he returned and learned his recent abscence was actually due to him being in rehab after accepting he was an alcoholic. Although not surprised by the news Hector tried his best to support his friend in his attempt to stay sober. Eventually Greg took an oppurtunity to go to Emory college and Hector, Chris, WhiJo and Josh went to the airport to say goodbye before he left. One night Hector and his friends were invited to join Trent Maddock at Home Base to watch a game but left when he found the host to be too creepy. While at Spider's, Hector witnessed Josh's embarrassing attempt to become a runway model. He also investigated who sent Chan some soup at his request. Hector and his mother were both invited to the wedding of Rebecca and Josh where they briefly met Heather Davis. He and his mom watched alongside the other guests as Rebecca fled the ceremony in despair after Josh left her at the altar.

Hector Season Two.jpeg
"Where Is Josh's Friend?": Hector talks to Josh at Cup of boba and learns his friend is living with Rebecca and has a friends-with-benefits arrangement.

"When Will Josh See How Cool I Am?": Hector joins WhiJo and Josh at the new ping pong themed bar where they watch Rebecca play a terrible game. He later joins WhiJo to search for Greg on East Cameron as he had gone missing again.

"Who Needs Josh When You Have a Girl Group?": Hector and The Crew are invited by Trent Maddock to spend some time at Home Base watching a game. The trio leave after Trent proves to be too creepy for them to hang out with.

"Who Is Josh's Soup Fairy?": Hector and WhiJo were invited by Josh to attend a special event at Spider's. They were joined by Chan's girlfriend at the time Anna Hicks and found out Josh was making his debut as a local runway fashion model. When Anna dumped Josh he had Hector find out it was Rebecca who sent him some soup when he was sick.

"Can Josh Take A Leap Of Faith?": Hector is invited to the wedding of Josh and Rebecca and brings his mother Estella as his date. While he’s there he is greeted by Heather Davis who compliments Hector and mother on thier podcast about dating. Alongside the other wedding guests Hector and his mom witness Rebecca fleeing the ceremony after Josh bailed in the ceremony to become a priest.

Season Three[]

Season Four[]


"I'm So Happy That Josh Is So Happy!"

β€œ I think it's a nice thing you're doing. Nicest thing I ever did for a girl was pull out. ”
β€” Hector

β€œ ...Hector. ”
β€” Greg

β€œ She has tandem parking. So after I'm there for a while I have to pull out...which is such a pain 'cause it feels so great just to leave it in there. The worst is when it's alternate side of the street parking 'cause then I got to park in the back. I don't get why there's a spot back there. It's so tight...feels more like an exit. So then I'm going front, back, front, back and it's all dirty in the back so when I move it to the front then that gets all dirty. I'm just happy I have a spot at all...'cause I used to have to pay. ”
β€” Hector

β€œ Well...that was edifying. ”
β€” Greg

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