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Honda Accord

Honda Accord The vehicle Greg used to drive
Owned by: Greg Serrano — First Appearance: "Josh Just Happens to Live Here!""

The funny thing is, sad funny not 'ha ha' funny, the reason I got a DUI was because I was driving over to tell you I love you.
— Greg, "When Will Josh See how Cool I Am?"

The Honda Accord is the vehicle owned by Greg Serrano when he lived in West Covina, California. It was a used and beat up old car which had many miles on it but usually managed to get Greg where he was going. It's first and only official appearance was in the Season One episode "Josh Just Happens to Live Here!".


Season One[]

In 2015, Greg Serrano first met Rebecca Bunch when she came to the bar looking for Josh. He invited her to go to a party his friend Bean was throwing at his house. After taking a nap he drove to Rebecca's apartment in his Honda Accord and waited for her outside. As he leaned against his car she finally appeared having finished primping for the occasion. When they went to Bean's residence Greg questioned her obvious interest in Josh. As a distraction she started making out with him. She got upset and started crying upon hearing the news that Josh had a girlfriend. Greg decided it was best to end the night and they left to go to his car so he could drive her back home ("Josh Just Happens to Live Here!").

Season Two[]

The morning after Greg's date wedding with Rebecca he drove his car while still being technically intoxicated. The police had Greg stop the car and he went to jail after he failed the sobriety test. He wound up in front of a judge who sentenced Greg to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. During this time he cut off contact to his friends and Rebecca embarrassed by the incident. When he finally met with Rebecca he revealed the reason as to why he was recklessly driving that morning. He had intended to apologize to Rebecca for his drunken behavior that night and also to tell her he loved her. Unfortunately he was driving his Honda Accord poorly which got him pulled over by the cops ("When Will Josh See How Cool I Am?").

Season Four[]

Greg ultimately returned to West Covina and eventually started dating Rebecca once more. However, it didn’t last as Rebecca still needed to work on her own issues. Despite this Greg decided he still wanted to be with her but he wasn’t the only one. Josh Chan and Nathaniel Plimpton III also wanted to be with Rebecca and at WhiJo's suggestion, the three suitors decided to have a competition to win her affection. Each one was to have a date with her and she would ultimately decide who she wanted to be with. The date Greg came up with fell apart when his Honda Accord broke down. Instead of a romantic balloon ride, Greg and Rebecca ordered take out in the garage where his car was being repaired ("I Have a Date Tonight").


Vehicle specifications[]

The Honda Accord seen on the show is a 2003 EX sedan. It is a mid size car and the seventh generation of the vehicle brand. This model had specific styling produced exclusively for the North American market. It was available in sedan and coupe forms and included a new 4 cylinder engine with better fuel economy due to a lower oil viscosity. The coupe version had high end options such as 17 inch wheels, leather seating and a GPS system.

2003 Honda Accord.jpg
2003 Honda Accord
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