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JAP Battle (reprise)

JAP Battle (reprise)
Performer(s): Rebecca Bunch and Audra LevineFirst Appearance: "I Need to Find My Frenemy"
Written by: Rachel Bloom, Jack Dolgen, Adam Schlesinger and Zach Sherwin

It’s a head-to-head yasher koach mazel tov off
— Rebecca and Audra

JAP Battle (reprise) is a musical number performed by Rebecca Bunch and Audra Levine. In the number they decide to compliment each other instead of fighting. This song was performed in the episode "I Need to Find My Frenemy".

The song with lyrics[]


All of our lives you were toxic, obnoxious.
Now though, you've brought me from nauseous to naches.
I'm proud of you, Bunch,
you're a grown-up, you got this.
Kol hakavod, you're a goddess.

But you're so responsible,
career's on sizzle,
husband, ditto,
three great kiddos.
You've got competence, class,
plus a skinny-ass waist
and a toned-ass ass.

Well, you've got a free spirit,
which I see and commend.
So, like 2 chainz without the "NZ" at the end.
I wish you double chai
for following the tug
of the heart behind your 36 triple-D jugs.

Wow, what a boost for my confidence!

Yeah, I mean, I gotta give it up,
I'm pretty good at giving compliments.

Nice bubble, bubbeleh, I really hate to pop it,
But nobody's got a plaudit any hotter than I drop it.

Audra & Rebecca:
This is...

A JAP praise fight.

Audra & Rebecca:
Half affirmation

Half cage fight

Audra & Rebecca:
Killing you with kindness

Yeah, you're dang right

Audra & Rebecca:
It’s a head-to-head yasher koach mazel tov off

You know what?
Let's squash it, you're awesome.

Seconded! Same!
Rebecca-wise, my game recognize game.

Thanks, I appreciate that!

Yeah, I mean, there's a reason I'm called "esteem Queen Levine".

Can it with the accolades-slash-shade-catapulting,
You are the one who is great at adulting.
All your hard work. ultimately resulting in triumph.

Damn, that's some sneaky insulting.
Skip the emotional judo,
I am the B. Knowles-Carter of kudos.

I'm the Lebron James of acclaim.

Then you might as well call me the Michelle of the kvell.

Go to hell!

Audra & Rebecca:
This is...

A JAP cheer scrimmage.

Audra & Rebecca:
Like a rap battle,

But the mirror image.

Audra & Rebecca:
Both of us'll feel great,

When we're finished.

Giving a dope-slap of DAP to this JAP...

Which does stand for Jewish-American Princess, a term that, on one hand, does reinforce
negative, negative stereotypes about both Jews and women but, on the other hand, is a term
that we want to reclaim and own. Also, should acknowledge that me saying “dap to this jap” is
appropriative and a little problematic, if we’re being honest.

This is touchy stuff and it's pretty complicated,
But I noticed the dynamic and I though that I should name it,
Just like I hated you, but I kinda like you,
This song's another thing I can see two sides to.

Terrific self-awareness.

Knock it off, Audra!
You never stop, do you?

Can't and don't wanna!

You're a wonderful lady,
But and insufferable baby.

Should we make out?

What?! No!


Jewish vocabulary[]

  • Naches: refers to someone giving someone else joy because of their achievements, usually refers to parents who are taking pride in their children.
  • Kol hakavod: means "well done", and is said when praising someone for their achievements or action.
  • chai: the Hebrew word for "alive". in gematria, the word chai has a value of 18, and because of the number 18 being associated with the word "alive" it is considered a lucky number. 36 is also a multiple of 18.
  • yasher koach: also means "well done".
  • mazel tov: another phrase that means "well done".
  • kvell: means taking pride in someone else's actions and achievements.

People mentioned[]

  • Beyoncé (B. Knowles-Carter) is considered to be one of the best musicians nowadays, and mentioned when Audra wants to say that she is the best at kudos.
  • LeBron James is considered to be one of the best basketball players nowadays, and mentioned when Rebecca wants to say that she is the best at acclaim.
  • Michelle Obama was the first lady of the US, and mentioned when Audra wants to say that she is the first one to take pride in Rebecca.

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