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Joshua Felix Chan

Joshua Felix Chan The reason Rebecca Bunch moved to West Covina

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Occupation: Go-Go dancer (formerly Aloha Tech Center employee)
Family: Mrs.Chan (mother), Mr.Chan (father), Jayma Chan (sister), Jastinity (sister) Aunt Myrna
Actor: Vincent Rodriguez III
First Appearance: ""Josh Just Happens to Live Here!""
Nicknames: "Chan Man"
"The Cheerful Man" (by Darryl)


I've spent my whole life defending this town to people like Greg. Do you know have any idea how proud I am to be the one who told you about this place?
— Josh to Rebecca, "I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Freinds!"

Josh Chan Season One promotional photo.jpeg
Josh Chan portrayed by Vincent Rodriguez III

Joshua Felix Chan is a proud native of West Covina, California and the ex-boyfriend of Rebecca Bunch. As teenagers they had a two month summer fling but Josh broke things off between them on the last day of camp. As an adult Josh left his hometown to try and get a career going on the east coast in New York City. However he struggled to adjust to the harsh Gotham lifestyle and after eight months decided to move back home. Before he left he was briefly reunited with Rebecca who was now a succesful attorney. After arriving back in West Covina he reconnected with his family and friends. He also resumed a romantic relationship with his childhood sweetheart Valencia Perez. Not long after returning he learned Rebecca had also moved to his hometown. His attraction to Rebecca complicated his relationship with Valencia who dumped him due to his indecisiveness. Josh rebounded with Rebecca and after some ups and downs eventually got engaged to her. However, he had second thoughts and left her at the altar causing Rebecca to seek revenge. Ultimately this led to the revelation of how mentally unstable Rebecca was and an unfortunate incident followed. Feeling somewhat responsible, Josh started going to therapy to work on becoming a better person. He and Rebecca repaired their relationship and Josh even became her roommate. He soon again developed feelings for her again but Rebecca told him they weren't meant to be. Josh moved out and eventually found someone to love in a magic club he had joined. His first appearance was in the Season One episode "Josh Just Happens to Live Here!". He is portrayed by actor Vincent Rodriguez III.


β€œ The truth is I'm not a kid anymore...I'm 'Mr. Chan' know what? I'm realizing it might be time for me to grow up. ”

–Josh, "My Mom, Greg's Mom and Josh's Sweet Dance Moves!"

As a child Josh was raised in a loving Filipino family which instilled in him great confidence but also coddled him. Growing up he developed a laid back and outgoing personality. To this day he maintains an upbeat outlook and it is rare to find him in a bad mood. Josh is a devoted Catholic and although not a strict follower of its tenets he embraces his faith. His good looks, kindness, athleticism and charm has made him popular with women and men. However, he is a bit vain and has put a great deal of effort into maintaining his appearance. Although he excels at physical activities such as martial arts and dancing he is aware that he is not that smart. This is a sensitive topic for him and he doesn't like it being pointed out. He is also quite naive as well often oblivious to something obvious which causes him to be easily manipulated. Another bad trait is his resistance to change; he has tried different things but he will often return to something more familiar and in his comfort zone. This has kept him in a state of arrested development and is somewhat related to his inability to make tough choices. When in doubt he will seek guidance but will often go along with whatever a more forceful personality tells him to do. Ironically he takes a leadership role when he hangs out with his close circle of friends where he is far more decisive. It was his constant vacillation regarding the future of his fifteen year romantic relationship with Valencia Perez that ultimately brought it to an end.

Josh happy.jpeg Josh angry.jpeg Josh sad.jpeg

Josh happy, angry and sad

Character history[]

Season One[]

β€œ I'm so glad you moved here Becks! ”

–Josh, "I'm Going on a Date With Josh's Friend!"

Season overview

In 2015 Josh returned to West Covina after having spent eight months in New York and reconnected with his friends and family. He also started dating again his High school sweetheart Valencia Perez. Before he left New York he ran into his ex-girlfriend Rebecca Bunch and told her about moving back home. Soon after Rebecca unexpectedly got a job offer from a law firm in West Covina and moved to his hometown. They began to hang out much to the displeasure of his girlfriend. He confessed to his friend Father Brah and to Rebecca herself that he was struggling with his attraction to her. He tried to remain true to Valencia but gave into temptation at one point and kissed Rebecca. He was surprised when Valencia forgave his indiscretion and recommitted himself to thier relationship. However, he still found himself drawn to Rebecca and became jealous when he learned she was sleeping with Greg. At the same time he was aware that Valencia was waiting for him to move thier relationship forward but was reluctant to do so. When Valencia tried to manipulate him into proposing he was angry feeling that she never respected or believed in him. Valencia broke up with him and Josh immediately sought Rebecca out to confess his feelings for her. They finally slept together but in the afterglow Rebecca admitted she moved to West Covina just for him which made Josh uneasy.

When Josh was a teenager he had a brief romance with Rebecca Bunch during summer camp but broke up with her afterwards feeling she was overly dramatic and weird. A decade later he was in New York city but was tired of the rat race and decided to move back to his hometown of West Covina, California. Before he left he unexpectedly ran into Rebecca and was impressed with how successful she had become. He briefly reminisced about their time at camp together and flirted a bit with Rebecca. Josh told her about his plans to move back home and suggested if she was ever in the area to look him up. Not long after returning he received a text from Rebecca telling him she just moved to his hometown. Several hours later while attending Valencia's sisters quinceaΓ±era he texted back Rebecca and invited her to dinner ("Josh Just Happens to Live Here!").

Sometime later, Josh and Valencia went to the local night club called Spider's and afterwards ended up at a grocery store. While he was there Josh spotted Rebecca and was unsuccessful in preventing his current girlfriend from meeting her. He introduced Rebecca simply as a friend he made at camp when they were eight years old. In private he asked Rebecca to stick with the lie and to avoid Valencia altogether. Rebecca ignored his warning and Josh watched uncomfortably as she became friends with Valencia. As he feared drama ensued when Josh, Greg, Valencia and Rebecca went to the Spider's night club together. A drunk Rebecca got swept up in a moment with Valencia and kissed her. She also inadvertently revealed the truth about her history with Josh. Furious about the kiss and that she had been lied to, Valencia forbade Josh from seeing Rebbecca ("Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!")

Josh circumvents Valencia's rule by agreeing to attend a house warming party Rebecca was throwing. When he arrived at the festivities he found Rebecca trying to prevent him from seeing the disaster inside. Josh pointed out that as she's new to town she was unlikely to have many people turn up. He reassured her he could fix this if she wanted more guests and took control of the party. More people arrived thanks (in part) to Josh's manipulation of social media and Rebecca's friend Paula bringing a group of a Gambling addicts from Home Base. Greg showed up as well and Rebecca gave Josh the credit for the party being a success (β™« A Boy Band Made Up of Four Joshes β™«). At the party Josh ignored a phone call from Valencia and later told Rebecca that he was tired of being scared of her.From now on he'll stay out however long he wants and hang out with whoever he wants ("I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!").

After an expensive vacation in Temecula with Valencia, Josh was broke and needed to find a job. He went to Home Base and talked to Greg and Chris about his financial woes. He discovered Serrano was interested in Rebecca and told Greg to go for it. He then took Greg's advice and went to his 'happy place', the Aloha Tech Center which he learned was hiring. He picked up an application and went to Rebecca's law firm so she could fill out the essay portion. He also encouraged her to go out with Greg. Unfortunately he wasn't hired because of the essay Rebecca wrote and was forced to take a job at his father's radiology lab. Rebecca found out and she went to the Aloha Tech Center with Josh in tow. After a passionate speech to the manager she got Josh hired. He thanked her and told her he was happy she moved to town ("I'm Going on a Date with Josh's Friend!").

Josh met up with Rebecca at Cup of boba and looked at photo albums of their time at camp. They were interrupted by Greg who was sore over a bad date he had just with Rebecca. Josh tried to defend her but Greg told him he was just as bad since he was going against his girlfriends wishes by being alone with Rebecca. Greg's words struck a nerve and Josh went to church for confessional. His old friend Father Brah told Josh to make a list of all the sinful thoughts he had. The next day Brah looked over the list which included several items about Rebecca. Brah assured him that as long as he didn't act on any of these things he was fine, the real problem was how he was going to deal with his attraction to Rebecca. Later, Josh called Rebecca to Cup of boba and told her that while he's is very attracted to her he is committed to Valencia ("Josh and I Are Good People!").

Josh was pleased when he learned Rebecca got invited to his family's residence for a huge Thanksgiving dinner get together. Rebecca got a warm welcome from his relatives while Josh's girlfriend Valencia received a much colder reception. This led to Josh and Valencia having s heated argument. She believed Rebecca was only there to drive a wedge between them by sucking up to his family. Josh was dismissive of her suspicions to be unfounded. As the argument got heated they wound up having sex in his parents room. After rejoining the rest of the family they announced they were moving in together much to his parents disappointment. Afterwards Josh got Thsnksgiving leftovers from his mom along with a warning from her to use contraception since he was going to be living in sin ("My First Thanksgiving with Josh!")

Some time later, Josh and Valencia moved into an apartment and she mentioned wanting to get a dining table. Josh decided to surprise her and get one for her as a housewarming present. At Greg Serrano's house he got his crew together to help assemble a table he bought. It was harder than expected and at one point they all fell asleep. Upon waking up Josh was confused when White Josh and Greg told him how much they hated the table. Hector offered his opinion which sounded like he was describing something completely unrelated. Eventually they managed to build the table and presented it to Valencia. She thanked them all but said it was the wrong style for the apartments decor. Josh was extremely disappointed and later showed a picture of the table to Rebecca who told him she thought it looked fine ("I'm So Happy that Josh Is So Happy!")

During the Christmas holidays Josh was feeling nostalgic for the days when he was younger. While at the mall he ran into a Filipino dance crew from his alma mater who were getting ready for an upcoming performance. They recognized Josh as he was known for winning awards back in the day with his own dance crew. They asked if he could help with the choreography but he had to go to work. The next day Josh changed his mind and blew off work to lend his expertise. Before they were going to perform Josh told them to enjoy this time as it wouldn't come again. One of the dancers pretended to hurt his ankle and insisted Josh take his place. Although Josh delivered a great performance he realized he was too old now to dance the way he used to. Afterwards he bumped into Rebecca's and the two commiserated about how they both have matured ("My Mom, Greg's Mom and Josh's Sweet Dance Moves!").

One day after Josh, Valencia and his crew saw a movie together they discussed plans to go to the beach. Valencia unexpectedly invited Rebecca much to Josh's surprise. Rebecca rented a huge Party bus to transport them all which Josh was impressed by. Although Josh insisted the trip only include the "classic crew", Heather Davis (Greg's new girlfriend) and Darryl Whitefeather (Rebecca's boss) wound up on the bus too. Rebecca performed a pole dance which made everyone onboard uncomfortable. This led to a few revelations from Rebecca including Josh finding out she made out with Greg and her lying about why she moved to West Covina. She confessed she was burned out in New York and fell in love with Josh's description of his hometown. In private Josh told her he understood her reasons and was proud to have been the one to sell her in his hometown (β™« West Covina (second reprise) β™«) ("I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends!").

("I'm Back at Camp with Josh!")

("That Text Was Not Meant for Josh!")

("Josh and I Work on a Case!")

Season Two[]

β€œ She says so many things...she has me so confused! ”

–Josh, "Where is Josh's Friend?"

Season overview

Josh moved in with Rebecca although he was still freaked out by the revelation that she moved to his hometown just for him. He insisted they keep things strictly casual unwilling to officially define their relationship. He started to feel guilty about having betrayed Greg and declared to Rebecca that they should put things on hold. He moved out but his embarrassment over living with his parents had him crawling back to Rebecca who eagerly took him back. He finally moved out for good when Rebecca had a pregnancy scare. Josh tried to move on and started dating a woman he met at a music festival named Anna Hicks. When she dumped him Josh immediately rebounded by deciding Rebecca was his true love. He believed she was the one he was meant to be with and convinced her to take him back. Josh accompanied her to her hometown for a family get together and was advised by her mother Naomi he should ask Rebecca to marry him. Rebecca accepted his proposal but Josh had second thoughts. His fears were exacerbated by a secret from Rebecca's past she wouldn't reveal. On their wedding day Josh left her at the altar to join the seminary.

Josh is unsettled after his hillside tryst with Rebecca due to her confession that she moved to West Covina for him. Despite this, he continued to sleep with Rebecca and even stayed at her place after he moved out of the apartment he shared with Valencia. However, guilt drove him to move out declaring that until Rebecca resolved her thing with Greg thier own relationship would be put on hold. Josh briefly slept at his workplace the Aloha Tech Center until his boss Alex kicked him out. Josh was going to move back home with his parents but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He went back to Rebecca's place and the two resumed their undefined, friends-with-benefits cohabitation ("Where Is Josh's Friend?")

Season Three[]

β€œ Are you really going to become a priest just because you want to avoid an awkward conversation? ”

–Hector to Josh, "To Josh, With Love."

Season overview

Out of guilt for leaving Rebecca, Josh briefly tries to become a priest . However, after he learned from Rebecca how she manipulated him he felt absolved about what he did and quit the seminary. He returned home to find Rebecca orchestrated a smear campaign which ruined his reputation and cost him his job. Josh used the file Trent gave him on Rebecca to fight back and exposed a Harvard scandal she was involved in. In retaliation Rebecca tried scaring Josh by making it seem as if she kidnapped his mother. Josh confronted Rebecca at a carnival and after saving her from falling into a pit told her to stay away from his family. Josh later felt guilt ridden when Rebecca attempted suicide believing he was responsible. Her friends told him to leave when he tried to visit her in the hospital. Josh again attempted to see her to give her a puppy when she was released and sent home. He eavesdropped on a conversation she was having with her friends and learned everything, including her suicude, wasn't truly about Josh but had more to due with her own mental issues. Josh eventually apologized to Rebecca for what he did and found himself struggling to find purpose working as a bartender, DJ and go-go dancer. His parents kicked him out of the house and he moved in with Hector and his mom. Josh was shocked when Rebecca was arrested for the attempted murder of Trent and even more surprised when she pleaded guilty.

"To Josh, With Love.": Josh begins studying at the seminary but finds it to be more difficult than he expected. He is confronted by a furious Rebecca and learns everything she did to win his love.

"Josh Is a Liar.": after returning to West Covina, Josh retaliates when Rebecca launches a personal smear campaign against him.



Greg Serrano
Greg Serrano is Josh's oldest friend whom he has known since kindergarten. They formed a close knit circle of friends known as The Crew which included Josh Wilson and Hector. The foursome grew up together and the friendship continued into adulthood. Although they are close there is some underlying tension between the two of them as their personalities are very different. This was further exacerbated when Greg pursued and eventually started seeing Josh's ex-girlfriend Rebecca Bunch. Unbeknownst to Greg, at Jayma's wedding Josh and Rebecca rekindled their romance while he was home nursing a hangover.
Josh and Greg.jpg
Notable appearances:

Significant others[]

Valencia Perez
Valencia was Josh's longest romantic relationship, spanning over 15 years until she dumped him in 2016. They first got together in high school and they've been separated only a few times. As the years went on Valencia waited for Josh to propose. They did eventually move in together but Josh still vacillated on where the relationship was going. The situation was complicated when Josh's ex-girlfriend Rebecca Bunch moved to town. Valencia rightfully suspected she was in town specifically to win back Josh but he was oblivious to this. Ultimately it was Josh's reluctance to propose when Valencia demanded it that caused her to lose her patience and break up with him.
Josh and Valencia.jpg
Notable appearances:
Rebecca Bunch
Rebecca Bunch is Josh's ex-girlfriend from summer camp whom he broke up back in 2005. They had a chance reunion in New York City and he was surprised when she moved to his home town of West Covina, California. At the time he had reconnected with his high school sweetheart Valencia Perez. Despite this he admitted to Rebecca he was attracted to her but remained committed to Valencia. This didn't prevent him from sharing several romantic moments which included sharing a kiss with her. After Valecia dumped Josh he finally acted on his attraction to Rebecca and confessed his feelings to her.
Josh and Rebecca.jpg
Notable appearances:



In both the Showtime Pilot and The CW episode "Josh Just Happens to Live Here!", Josh's New York City job is never stated. An instagram photo of the prop business card Josh hands Rebecca reveals he was at the time working for the Hendler Center as an assistant coordinator for special events.

During the course of the show he has worked at Aloha Tech Center, as a DJ, go-go dancer at a gay club and a mover.

Josh Chan's business card prop.jpg
Josh Chan's business card prop
  • He is a Pisces meaning he is born between February 19 and March 20.[1]
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