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Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson AKA "White Josh" is a childhood friend of Josh Chan

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Occupation: Personal trainer
Family: unknown
Actor: David Hull
First Appearance: ""Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!""
Nicknames: "White Josh", "WhiJo", "Chphunk"


This is White Josh so named because he looks like Josh except for he's white.
— Greg introducing Josh Wilson to Rebecca, "Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!"

1x2 White Josh Country Market 5.jpg
Portrayed by David Hull
Joshua "Josh" Wilson (better known as "White Josh" or "WhiJo") is a West Covina native currently employed as a personal trainer at the local 24 Hour Gym. Growing up he has been a part of a close circle of friends he has known since grade school. Collectively they are called "The Crew" and this group includes Greg Serrano, Hector and Josh Chan. He was given his nickname by his friends to distinguish him from Chan who is Filipino. Amongst his peers he is often the voice of reason although at times he can be a bit too judgemental. Wilson is openly gay having come out when he was only twelve years old. Just like the other Josh he is obsessed with working out and once had a personal quirk where he used any excuse to take off his shirt. He was also once in a in a serious relationship with Rebecca Bunch's boss Darryl Whitefeather. His first appearance was in the Season One episode "Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!". He is portrayed by actor David Hull.

Character history[]

Season One[]

β€œ I didn't come out of the closet until I was twelve. Those were some tough years. ”

–"Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!"

Season overview

In 2015, Josh Wilson and his circle of friends were reunited when Josh Chan moved back to West Covina. He was introduced to the town's latest resident Rebecca Bunch and even fixed her garbage disposal. Together with his crew they assembled a dining table meant to be a surprise gift Chan was giving his girlfriend Valencia. Through Rebecca Josh became acquainted with her boss Darryl Whitefeather whom he met on a Party bus road trip to the beach. He went to a small PPV party Darryl put together which evolved into a larger affair. Wilson stayed behind to help Darryl clean up the mess and when he left kissed him on the cheek. Josh helped Darryl realize he was bi-sexual and after an awkward start they started seeing each other on a regular basis. Together Josh and Darryl attended Jayma Chan's wedding wearing similar tuxedos.

Josh Wilson grew up with Josh Chan, Greg and Hector in West Covina and they remained close friends into adulthood. They were separated when Chan tried to pursue a career in New York City but reunited eight months later when he moved back home. White Josh accompanied Greg and Hector on a late night grocery store run where they bumped into the towns latest resident Rebecca Bunch. Greg introduced Hector and him to Rebecca explaining his nickname was due to him looking like a Caucasian Josh Chan. Wilson added it was also because his name was also Josh. The four of them encountered the other Josh and Valencia and an awkward scene ensued when Rebecca tried to ingratiate herself to Chan's girlfriend ("Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!").

When Rebecca called Chan to her house for an emergency White Josh joined him there. The two Joshes learned the emergency was actually a broken garbage disposal. White Josh took a look at it and found that it was overstuffed with chicken. Rebecca changed the subject when White Josh suggested it looked like the clog had been done on purpose. After fixing the problem Wilson claimed it was hot and took of his shirt, to the annoyance of Rebecca. To distract him she gave White Josh her phone to play with and he accessed a pedometer app she had. While Rebecca and Chan talked he improved her step count. He then handed the phone back to Rebecca and left with Chan ("I'm Going on a Date with Josh's Friend!").

Wilson and the rest of the crew were asked by Chan to help him build a dining room table which was a gift for Valencia whom he had just moved in with. They were all at Serrano's house assembling the table since Chan intended this to be a surprise. White Josh and Greg were unsure this was a good idea since Valencia usually had to personally approve anything Chan did. As they struggled to accomplish the task Greg and Wilson tried to subtly suggest to Chan that he break up with Valencia. However, Hector derailed the conversation with a monologue about tandem parking. When they finished putting the table together they presented it to Valencia who, as Greg and Wilson predicted, didn't care for it ("I'm So Happy That Josh Is So Happy!").

Sometime later, White Josh joined the crew and Valencia at the movie theater to watch a film. Afterwards, Wilson and the others convinced Greg to join them for a beach trip. Rebecca Bunch also ended up invited to the outing and she provided the fancy transportation. The assembled group began coupling up leaving Wilson and Rebecca to discuss his work out routine in elaborate detail. When Josh returned from using the restroom he found Rebecca's boss Darryl had joined the trip. The two of them hit it off since Darryl recognized Wilson from the gym he worked out at. The beach trip turned awkward for everyone on board when Rebecca performed a pole dance. Despite the drama that ensued White Josh and everyone else reached their destination and made it to the beach as planned ("I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends!").

A week later at Home Base, White Josh was hanging out with Hector and discussing with Greg his habit of being commitment phobic. Thoughts turned to a boxing PPV they wanted to watch but couldn't afford just as Darryl walked in. He invited them all to join him at his apartment for a PPV party. White Josh and his friends showed up but they found the boxing event boring and decided to leave. Darryl insisted he could make the party livelier and managed to get a number of pretty ladies to show up. Once the party was over, White Josh helped clean up and Darryl admitted he hired all the women from an online agency. He did this to impress the other guys and become their friend. White Josh told him he could consider him a friend and kissed Darryl on the cheek before he left ("I'm Back at Camp with Josh!").

Season Two[]

β€œ I feel like you don't take me, come on, why haven't I met Madison yet? ”

–WhiJo, "Why Is Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs?"

Season overview

Although things with Darryl was going well Josh was concerned about Greg Serrano who had gone missing. He offered his support when he learned his friend had taken time off to deal with his alchohlism. Wilson saw Greg off at the airport when his friend decided to attend Emory University. Josh and Darryl relationship hit a rough patch when they attended the Electric Mesa festival. After seeing Josh's exes there Darryl belived he was just another person who fit a type he liked. Josh himself was worried Darryl didn't take him seriously and only saw him as dalliance. Once they acknowledged their fears to one another they were able to make up. Darryl then officially introduced Wilson to his daughter Madison. When Darryl sold his law firm to Nathaniel Plimpton WhiJo comforted him when he began to regret his decision. He and Darryl attended the stag party of Josh Chan who got engaged to Rebecca. Darryl was bothered when he learned WhiJo didn't believe in the institution of marriage. Darryl eventually accepted WhiJo's beliefs but shocked him by saying he wanted them to have a baby together.

A month after attending Jayma Chan's wedding, Josh and Darryl's relationship was still going strong. It had progressed to the point that Wilson had a key to Darryl's apartment and even had an entire dresser for his things. Josh was also showing up at the firm on a regular basis to bring Darryl his lunch everyday which annoyed Rebecca ("Where Is Josh's Friend?"). Sometime later, Wilson and the other members of the crew were summoned by Greg to Home Base. He had been missing for sometime and finally came out of seclusion to announce to his friend's that he was an alcoholic (β™« Greg's Drinking Song β™«). Greg wanted them all to know that he was dealing with his addiction and WhiJo offered his full support.

They made plans to go to a new ping pong bar that night but Greg was late. Whijo was angry when he found out that Greg's abscence might be due to Josh Chan. The other Josh told their friend he was now sleeping and cohabiting with his ex-girlfriend Rebecca. WhiJo was upset not only by Chan's actions but also because he wasn't told about any of this since everyone thought he'd be to critical. Worried that Greg might fall off the wagon due to the news WhiJo and Hector went looking for him ("When Will Josh See How Cool I Am?"). Although Greg turned out to be okay he decided to finally leave West Covina and to go to Emory University. WhiJo, Chris, Hector and Josh Chan met up at the airport to say goodbye to thier friend.

("Why Is Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs?")

Season Three[]

β€œ Hey, quick question. Why is it that all my friends, including you, are in love Rebecca? Does she have a magic vagina? ”

–WhiJo, "Trent?!"

Season overview

After Darry told Josh he wanted more children Wilson was noncommittal to the idea and their relationship was strained. Despite this they stayed together and Josh started up a business selling an ant based granola bar he created. Darryl assisted him in this endeavor creating an advertising strategy which gave the product a name and mascot. A couples therapy session along with the campaigns success led to Josh telling Darryl he’d reconsider them having children together. WhiJo and Hector met up with Josh Chan and criticized his decision to leave Rebecca Bunch at the altar to become a priest. Sometime later when Chan quit the seminary and came back to West Covina Rebecca claimed in an online expose her fiancΓ©e was abusive. WhiJo, Hector and Chris gave Chan a chilly reception when Chan they saw him until new evidence surfaced that Rebecca was lying. When Rebecca went missing WhiJo joined Darryl and her friends in a search party for her. That same night WhiJo finally admitted to Darryl he didn’t want children. Together they went on a vacation to try to work out their differences. However, it was cut short when Darryl headed back home upon learning of Rebecca’s suicide attempt. Sometime later Darryl’s daughter tricked WhiJo and Darryl into admitting they needed to end their relationship as they wanted different things in life. While dealing with the break up WhiJo unexpectedly started a friendship with Nathaniel Plimpton. Nathaniel was also dealing with some heartache of his own and the two went to a bar to commiserate. It’s there that they ran into Josh Chan who was performing as a stripper. WhiJo then left town for awhile to get over Darryl and returned months later with a pet dog. Josh and his dog later joined Nathaniel at a bar to discuss his friends tempestuous relationship with Rebecca and his friend's actual girlfriend Mona. When WhiJo learned Darryl’s surrogate Heather gave birth to his ex-boyfriends baby he stopped by the hospital. After months of not seeing each other WhiJo reunited with Darryl and congratulated him on his new child Hebecca.


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