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Josh and Valencia

Josh and Valencia Former high school sweethearts and ex-significant others

Collective information
Actors: Josh Chan is portrayed by Vincent Rodriguez III and Valencia Perez is portrayed by Gabrielle Ruiz
First appearance together: "Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!"

You know what, I have been patient. I have been patient through college and through New York and through all our friends getting engaged and married and I was patient when you cheated on me with Rebecca!
— Valencia to Josh, "Paula Needs to Get Over Josh"

Josh and Valencia are West Covina natives who were together as a couple for a span of about fifteen years. They took a break from the relationship only twice; once was at the end of their high school sophomore year over the summer and the other was when Josh was an adult and briefly moved to New York City. As time passed Valencia patiently waited for Josh to make the relationship official with an engagement. Although they seemed headed that way after moving in together Josh was reluctant to propose. The return of Josh's ex-girlfriend Rebecca Bunch into his life complicated things further. Ultimately, a frustrated Valencia had enough of Josh's unwillingness to commit and broke up with him. Their first appearance together as a couple was in the Season One episode "Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!". They are portrayed by Vincent Rodriguez III as Josh Chan and Gabrielle Ruiz as Valencia Perez.

Pairing history[]

You mean everything to me. I love you. Now, I'll be here when you get back from Hawaii and we'll start over again.

Honey I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying here with you. I don't deserve you. You're beautiful and perfect like Madonna...the bible Madonna not the buff Madonna.

–Valencia and Josh, "Josh is Going to Hawaii!"

Season overview

Throughout the years Josh's family and friends were mostly unsupportive of his girlfriend and tolerated her for his sake. In 2015, Josh went to the east coast for a job opportunity and they were separated for a time before he returned and they resumed their relationship. While he was there he ran into Rebecca who decided to move to West Covina. Valencia was wary of her when they met and a night club incident along with the revelation that she had once dated Josh cemented her suspicions. Things seemed to be going well between Josh and Valencia when he asked her to move in with him on Thanksgiving Day. However, there were a few more encounters with Rebecca that tested Josh's commitment which included a bus ride to the beach and a camping trip. Eventually Josh gave in to his attraction to Rebecca and kissed her when she represented him in a lawsuit. He confessed his indescretion to Valencia and was surprised when she forgave him. Valencia put aside her animosity towards Rebecca when she got her into Josh's sister Jayma's bridal party. The upcoming wedding made Josh seriously consider his future with Valencia. He told her he was going to get a ring to propose but needed a little time. To insure this was finally going to happen, Valencia colluded with Josh's Tita Myrna to get Josh his grandmother's ring. When Josh found this out he was angry at Valencia for not trusting him to do this on his own. Valencia was just as upset feeling that she had to give him a push since he had kept her waiting for fifteen years. Unwilling to wait for him any longer Valencia broke up with Josh.

Season One Josh and Valencia.jpg
Josh and Valencia attended her neice's quinceanera missing out on a party Beans was throwing ("Josh Just Happens to Live Here!"). Days later, they went to the nightclub Spider's and afterwards shopped at a grocery store where they ran into an old friend of Josh named Rebecca Bunch. Despite her initial hesitance, Valencia and Rebecca surprisingly became friends much to Josh's worry. Josh, Valencia, Rebecca and Greg Serrano went to the Spider's night club where the new best friends danced together. A drunk Rebecca got swept up in the moment and kissed Valencia. When Rebecca tried to explain her actions she revealed Josh and her were once ex-lovers. Furious she had been lied to, Valencia stormed out with Josh in tow ("Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!").

Josh was told by Valencia to never be alone with Rebecca again. While she was out of town at a Yoga retreat, attended a housewarming party Rebecca was throwing to get around her decree. When Valencia got home she texted Josh and asked him where he was but he ignored her message ("I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!"). Sometime later she and Josh took a vacation to Temecula and posted what some people considered graphic pictures on Instagram of their time there ("I'm Going on a Date with Josh's Friend!"). On Thanksgiving, Valencia attended the holiday at the Chan residence. She didn't look forward to this as her boyfriends family made no attempt to hide thier disdain for her. Somehow Rebecca got invited to the dinner and Valencia watched as she charmed Josh's relatives.

In private she confronted Rebecca about what she was doing and warned her to stop trying to get inbetween her and Josh. She complained to Josh about Rebecca and the two got into a heated argument in his parents bedroom. The disagreement inexplicably turned to lust and the two had sex. Afterwards, they agreed to move in together and Josh made a public announcement to his family of their plans. Valencia joined Josh as he got Thanksgiving leftovers from his mother who warned them to use contraception if they were going to live in sin. Valencia told Josh she was actually thankful now of Rebecca showing up since it led to this happy outcome. She then started planning on where they should live and what kind of apartment they should move into ("My First Thanksgiving with Josh!")

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