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Maya Latest hire at Whitefeather & Associates

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Occupation: Administrative assistant
Family: Unknown
Actor: Esther Povitsky
First Appearance: "Josh is Going to Hawaii!"
Nicknames: "M Dawg"


Does anyone else have any questions besides Maya who seems to think this meeting is all about her for some reason?
— Darryl, "Josh is Going to Hawaii!"

Maya 2.jpg
Portrayed by Esther Povitsky
Maya is a resident of West Covina, California who was hired as an administrative assistant at Whitefeather & Associates in 2015. At first she was a bit timid but has become more assertive, particularly when she feels it is necessary. Her personality used to annoy her boss Darryl Whitefeather but they eventually became close friends. Her first appearance was in the Season One episode "Josh is Going to Hawaii!". She is portrayed by actress Esther Povitsky.


Season One[]

Um, hi everyone. Uh, since this is my first staff meeting I thought I'd give everybody a big hello. My name is Maya, I'm the new administrative assistant and a little about me..I love online shopping and kale salads...

–Maya, "Josh is Going to Hawaii!"

Season overview

In April 2016, Maya joined the law firm of Whitefeather & Associates as its a new administrative assistant. On her first day at the office she and the rest of the staff were summoned to a meeting in the board room. Senior partner and founder Darryl Whitefeather had an important announcement. Maya took the opportunity while everyone was gathered to introduce herself to the staff. Darryl took umbrage at her impetuousness and chastised her for putting the focus of the meeting on herself. She sat back down embarrassed but felt the need to speak up after Darryl announced that he was bisexual (♫ Gettin' Bi ♫). Maya told everyone she was bisexual too and was happy to be in a work environment where such things were accepted. Darryl was annoyed with her for stealing the spotlight and ironically mocked Maya for making the meeting all about her. Sometime later, Maya made an announcement that a 2015 Hyundai Sonata was being towed away which belonged to Rebecca Bunch. Afterwards, Maya attended an award ceremony honoring Rebecca held at Municipal park. Maya applauded when Rebecca was given the Key to the City but confused when she saw her unexpectedly run away.

*"Josh is Going to Hawaii!": Maya's first day in the job she introduces herself at the staff meeting, announce someone's car is being towed and attends Rebecca Bunch's Key to the City ceremony.

Season Two[]

I think the dance emergency has just begun!

–Maya, "Who Needs Josh When You've Got a Girl Group?"

Season overview

Maya stayed with the firm despite Darryl continuing to treat her poorly. She helped throw a surprise party for Paula who was entering law school although it was poorly received by the guest of honor. Seeing that Darryl wanted to be a part of Rebecca's close circle of friends she suggested they team up to figure out a way to join that group. Darryl again treated Maya badly until she stood up to him and demanded to know why he despised her. He admitted he saw a lot of his own worse personality traits in Maya and didn't like to see it reflected back at him. He apologized and from then on they became close friends.

Months later, Maya and the rest of the staff were instructed to help Darryl throw Paula a surprise party. It was in celebration of the fact that Darryl got Paula's enrollment at law school pushed through so she could start immediately. Maya and her co-workers were to appear after Darryl told Paula and signaled for them them. They did as they were told but Maya was distracted by Paula's crying. Darryl was oblivious to her distress and had Maya fetch him the present he bought Paula. When Paula loudly burst into tears, Maya was annoyed when Darryl offered to fire her as a way of cheering her up ("All Signs Point to Josh...Or is it Josh's Friend?"). Sometime later, Maya approached Darryl about teaming up since he wanted to be in Rebecca Bunch's new close circle of friends just like she did.

She thought together they could think of a way to crash a party Rebecca was having at her new home. Darryl reluctantly agreed and after work they strategized in the boardroom. When Darryl obnoxiously turned down all her ideas Maya asked why he treated her so poorly. Darryl confessed he saw too much of the needy side of himself in her and didn't like it. He apologized and offered that whatever idea she had next they'd do. Together they went to Rebecca's place and performed a dance routine shocking everyone there (♫ We Gonna Keep it Rolling ♫). A video of the dance was uploaded on YouTube and recieved 1,800 views. At work Maya and Darryl were asked by their co-workers to do the entire performance in the break room. Maya was touched when Darryl named the dance after her ("Who Needs Josh When You Have a Girl Group?").


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