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Mountaintop A division of Plimpton Plimpton & Plimpton
Location: West Covina — Debut: "Josh Just Happens to Live Here!"

Okay mom, this is Whitefeather & Associates and yes those are Christmas decorations.
— Rebecca Bunch to her Jewish mother, "My Mom, Greg's Mom and Josh's Sweet Dance Moves!"

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First name change.

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Second name change.


Final name change

Mountaintop is a West Covina, California law firm originally founded by Darryl Whitefeather under the name "Whitefeather & Associates. " Once Darryl sold half of the firm to the Plimpton, Plimpton & Plimpton the Whitefeather name was de-emphasized. The name of the firm was altered again when attorney Rebecca Bunch became a partner. Its current name was decided on by majority shareholder Bert Buttenweiser. The firm is located at the office building on 7333 West Hacienda road. It’s first appearance was in the Season One Episode "Josh Just Happens to Live Here!".


Season One[]

  • "Josh Just Happens to Live Here!": Not long after arriving in West Covina, California, Rebecca Bunch was given a tour of her new work place by her boss Darryl Whitefeather. He introduced to the head of paralegal Paula Proctor whom she mistakes for her new assistant. Darryl also introduces her to the communications director Mrs.Hernandez. He takes her to her office and asks if she'd consider representing him in his divorce. Darryl makes an unintentionally racist remark which Rebecca calls him out on. When she gets an alert on her phone about Josh's whereabouts she excuses herself to go find him.
  • "Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!": Rebecca and Paula walk to the offices together. Paula checks Rebecca's phone for Josh Chan's social media updates and learns he's going to Club Spider's that night. Later, Rebecca has a succesful meeting settling a business dispute for a client.
  • "I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!": At the firm Darryl insists his employees celebrate "Weekend Tuseday", a more party oriented version of Casual Friday.
  • "I'm Going on a Date with Josh's Friend!": At work Rebecca tries to follow a new objective of making better choices be not eating unhealthy food in the break room. She also purchases an expensive Treadmill desk and has it set up in her office. Although she doesn't use it, Josh does when he meets her at the firm and gets her to help him complete a job application to the Aloha Tech Center. While he's there Josh convinces Rebecca to go on a date with Greg.
  • "Josh and I Are Good People!": After Rebecca ruins her date with Greg she feels the need to prove to him and herself that she is a good person. She goes to the firm with donuts and coffee for everyone and also makes charitable donations. She also agrees to be Darryl's divorce attorney and they leave Paula in charge of the office. Paula manages to whip the office into shape and increases the productivity. It's not without drama as she discovers Tim is an illegal immigrant and ultimately decides not to turn him in. When Rebecca and Darryl return they praise Paula for doing a good job running the firm.
  • "I'm So Happy That Josh Is So Happy!": Rebecca nearly costs the firm an important client named Calvin Young when she he's distracted by personal problems. She inadvertently ends up winning over the Calvin and getting him to hire the firm. She returns to Whitefeather & Associates with the staff applauding her efforts.





Areas found inside the offices of Whitefeather & Associates:


Real world location[]

The exterior of Whitefeather & Associates offices is the real-life building located in West Covina, California called The Lakes. It is a 176,843-square-foot office campus whose tenants include Wells Fargo Bank, Balfour Beatty, State of California and the U.S. Government Services Administration. In 2015 the building was purchased by a joint venture between Stillwater Investment Group, Greenlaw Partners and CrossHarbor Capital Partners for $34.8 million.

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The Lakes at West Covina
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