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Plimpton, Plimpton & Plimpton

Plimpton, Plimpton & Plimpton Law firm
Location: Los Angeles, California — Debut: "When Do I Get to Spend Time With Josh?"

From Plimpton, Plimpton & Plimpton in Los Angeles? Your father is a big deal at a white shoe firm what would he want with a two-bit operation in a one horse town?
— Rebecca, "When Do I Get to Spend Time With Josh?"

Nathaniel Plimpton III, Jr. and Senior.
Plimpton, Plimpton & Plimpton is a prestigious law firm located in Los Angeles. It was founded originally by Nathaniel Plimpton Senior and would later become a family business which included his son Nathaniel II and his grandson Nathaniel III. They planned to expand their business into West Covina. It debuted in the Season Two episode "When Do I Get to Spend Time With Josh?".


Season Two[]

  • When Do I Get to Spend Time With Josh?”: Nathaniel Plimpton III is introduced as co-owner of Whitefeather & Associates having bought a shares from Darryl. Rebecca recognizes his last name and correctly guesses he’s from the L.A. based firm Plimpton, Plimpton & Plimpton. Nathaniel explains his firm wanted to expand into West Covina and Rebecca’s litigation against Greater City Water made then interested in Darryl’s firm.
  • Will Scarsdale Like Josh's Shayna Punim?”: Darryl is bothered when he sees his “Whitefeather & Associates” sign in their lobby has been changed to “Plimpton, Plimpton & Plimpton.”
  • Is Josh Free in Two Weeks?”: Nathaniel II leaves the home office of Plimpton, Plimpton & Plimpton to make a surprise visit to the new branch firm. He is pleased to see the photo of him with his father and son is hanging in Whitefeather & Associates lobby.

Season Three[]

  • I Never Want to See Josh Again.”: When Rebecca turns in her resignation to Whitefeather & Associates Nathaniel contacts the L.A. firm for a replacement. They send Cornelia Wickfield who is inadvertently harassed by the staff. She later quits and decides to file a H.R. complaint with Plimpton, Plimpton & Plimpton for her poor treatment.
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Mountaintop/Whitefeather & Associates
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West Covina, California 🎈 New York City 🎈 San Gabriel Valley 🎈 Scarsdale 🎈 Los Angeles 🎈 East Cameron 🎈 Los Angeles County Court


Our Lady of West Covina 🎈 Harvard University 🎈 Emory University 🎈 San Gabriel Community College 🎈 Pizarro Hills High School 🎈 Mount Christine Outpatient Center 🎈 Glenn Willow Medical Center 🎈 Stanford University 🎈 Cornell 🎈 California State University, Northridge 🎈 San Dimas College School of Law 🎈 Yale Law


Camp Canyon Grove 🎈 Heritage Bridge 🎈 Electric Mesa 🎈 Los Angeles International Airport