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Proctor residence

Proctor residence Where the Proctor family lives
Location: West Covina, California — Debut: "I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!"

I would ask her to come to my house but we're going to Paris 'cause that's where we Autumn, it's like Wintering but cheaper.
— Paula, "My First Thanksgiving with Josh!"

The Proctor residence is the home of Scott and Paula Proctor. They live there with their children Brendan and Tommy. The modest one story home is located in the suburbs of West Covina, California. Its first appearance was in the Season One Episode "Josh and I Work on a Case!".


  • "I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!": At the Proctor residence, Paula is searching for a dish towel she got as a wedding gift. She is angry when she learns from her husband Scott that he gave it away. Meanwhile, her oldest son Brendan is cleaning one of his swords at the dining table. At the same time Paula's youngest son Tommy is freaking out over a test he has at school tomorrow. She offers him words of encouragement which he wound up interpreting incorrectly.
  • "My First Thanksgiving with Josh!": Paula hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for her family and several relatives. At the same time she was watching an app on her phone which transmitted a snap from a brooch she gave Rebecca. Scott asks her to put down the phone so they could have a moment of silence for a recently departed aunt. Afterwards ,Paula was distressed when she looked on her phone and saw Rebecca and Greg spending Thanksgiving together.
  • "I'm So Happy that Josh is So Happy!": Paula hosts an intimate dinner for a prospective wealthy client named Calvin Young. She and Calvin have an immediate attraction and flirt with each other ignoring the other guest Darryl Whitefeather.
  • "That Text Was Not Meant for Josh!": After getting marriage counseling from Father Brah, Scott and Paula take his advice and have a date night at the house. They have an awkward dinner which is interrupted when Rebecca Bunch contacts Paula to do her a favor. Scott accompanied Paula and they were both exhilarated by a clandestine task they accomplished for Rebecca. They began connecting while discussing Rebecca's love life and this led to them having a romantic moment.
  • "Josh's Sister is Getting Married!": Rebecca goes to Paula's home with ingredients she bought for a pie baking contest they were entering. Paula noticed Rebecca's panties in her coat pocket and grills her about it suspecting she's involved with someone. Sometime later, Rebecca and Paula are in her kitchen and reconfirm they don't need to chase after Josh to make their friendship work.
  • "Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!": Paula is at home looking at Instagram postings for Jayma Chan's wedding and notices a sad Rebecca in the background. They earlier had a falling out which was noticed by Darryl Whitefeather. He came to the house and convinced Paula to join him at the wedding to reconcile with Rebecca.
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