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Rebecca and Josh

Rebecca and Josh Summer camp lovers reunited 10 years later

Collective information
Actors: Rachel Bloom as Rebecca Bunch and Vincent Rodriguez III as Josh Chan
First appearance together: "Josh Just Happens to Live Here!"
Songs together: "California Christmastime", "West Covina (reprise II)", "We Should Definitely Not Have Sex Right Now", "We Tapped That Ass", "We'll Never Have Problems Again"

I moved here for you. The second I saw you on the street in New York, I just knew you were the answer to all my problems. I lost sight of it for a minute but now I know for sure. This is our moment Josh Chan. I'm so excited that our love story can finally begin!
— Rebecca, "Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!"

Rebecca and Josh were boyfriend and girlfriend during the summer of 2005 when they were both sixteen years old and attending Camp Canyon Grove. After he dumped her on the last day of camp they didn't see each other for another ten years. A chance reunion was enough to convince Rebecca to abandon her life in New York and move to his hometown of West Covina, California to chase after him. She spent several months trying to steal him away from his girlfriend Valencia Perez but eventually realized how unhealthy her obsession was. However, once Josh broke up with Valencia he immediately went to Rebecca and they became lovers again. Josh would eventually propose to Rebecca but on their wedding day he left her at the altar to become a priest. Their first appearance together was in the Season One episode "Josh Just Happens to Live Here!".

Pairing history[]

Season One[]

I'm so glad you moved here Beck's!

–Josh, "I'm Going on a Date with Josh's Friend!"

Season overview

In 2005, Josh and Rebecca were teenagers and had a summer romance which ended when he dumped her once camp was over. They were reunited ten years later in New York and the brief meeting convinced Rebecca to follow him back to his hometown of West Covina, California. Once there she was devastated to learn he was already in a relationship with his High school sweetheart Valencia Perez. She still secretly pursued him romantically although Josh was oblivious to her advances. Rebecca was assisted in this endeavor by her new BFF Paula Proctor. Although he admitted to being attracted to her, Josh stayed firmly committed to Valencia. It wasn't until Rebecca and him worked together on a class action lawsuit case that Josh gave into his attraction and kissed her. He was guilty over his actions and confessed his indiscretion to Valencia. Rebecca eavesdropped on the conversation and was hurt when Josh stated he didn't love her and was going to stay with Valencia. Rebecca was going to leave West Covina until she had an epiphany in a dream and decided to stay. Rebecca admitted to Josh she had feelings for him but was moving on and began a relationship with Greg. Josh was conflicted about the relationship which ultimately lead to an argument between him and Valencia at his sisters wedding. Valencia broke up with him and Josh immediately sought out Rebecca afterwards. Josh made a grand romantic gesture and told Rebecca he couldn't stop thinking about her. They had sex but Josh was disturbed when afterwards Rebecca finally admitted she moved to California because of him.

Rebecca and Josh ran into each in New York a decade after he broke up with her at summer camp. He told her he was moving back to his hometown of West Covina, California which inspired Rebecca to follow him. Not long after returning Josh received a text from Rebecca telling him she just moved to his hometown. She suggested they meet up to get reacquainted but received no reply. Rebecca attempted to track him down and even went to a party with his friend Greg Serrano to try and find him. Josh was incommunicado due to being with his girlfriend Valencia and was attending her sisters quinceañera. He eventually managed to text Rebecca back and invited her to dinner ("Josh Just Happens to Live Here!")

Josh and Valencia went to a nightclub called Spider's and afterwards shopped at the Country Market. They bumped into Rebecca and Josh lied about how he and knew her from camp when they were grade schoolers. Afterwards, Josh found out Greg had a thing for Rebecca and encouraged his friend to go for it. Josh was worried when Rebecca and Valencia actually became friends. He and Greg accompanied then for a night out at Spider's. A drunk Rebecca kissed Valencia and then accidentally revealed the truth about her and Josh's teenage summer camp fling. Valencia was furious she had been lied to and told Josh he couldn't see Rebecca anymore ("Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!").

At Paula's suggestion, Rebecca threw a housewarming party hoping Josh would attend and she'd get some alone time with him. The event would allow her to see him since Valencia had forbidden Josh from being alone with Rebbeca. Although the party started off rocky, thanks in part to Josh's help and Paula's recruiting efforts it became a success. Josh and Rebecca acted as co-hosts to the festivities and he even held her drink upside down from a keg by holding her legs up. When Greg complimented Rebecca on the turn out she claimed it was all because of Josh (♫ A Boy Band Made Up of Four Joshes ♫). When Josh received a text from Valencia he ignored it and stayed at the party much to Rebecca's delight ("I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!").

Josh met up with Rebecca at Cup of boba and looked at photo albums of their time at camp. They were interrupted by Greg who was sore over a bad date he had just with Rebecca. Josh tried to defend her but Greg told him he was just as bad since he was going against his girlfriends wishes by being alone with Rebecca. Bothered by Greg's words Josh talked to his old friend Father Brah about it. Meanwhile, Rebecca tried to prove Greg wrong by helping Darryl Whitefeather in his divorce proceedings to win custody of his daughter. She went too far in her attempts but managed to fix her mistakes and later met up with Josh again at Cup of boba. After discussing things with Father Brah he admitted to her that he's very attracted to her but stated that he is committed to Valencia ("Josh and I Are Good People!").

Thanks to Paula's meddling Rebecca was invited to Josh's Thanksgiving dinner with his family. Rebecca hoped winning over his parents and relatives would bring her closer to Josh. She ingratiated herself to Josh's family while Valencia continued to be treated as a pariah by them. Her "victory" was short lived however as it resulted in bringing Josh and Valencia closer together. They argued about Rebecca only for the discussion to turn into a more intimate activity. Rebecca was trapped in adjoining bathroom to the room they were in forced to deal with her diarrhea and hear the pair have sex. Afterwards, Josh and Valencia announced they were moving in together much to Rebecca (and Josh's mom's) dismay ("My First Thanksgiving With Josh!").

Season Two[]

This is just a fight! All couples have a fight.

No it's not...and we're not a couple Rebecca.

–Rebecca and Josh, "All Signs Point to Josh...Or is it Josh's Friend?"

Season overview

Although unsettled by the confession, Josh and Rebecca began a friends-with -benefits relationship. He also stayed at her place after moving out of his apartment with Valencia. This didn't last long as Josh's uneasiness over the relationship caused him to end it after a pregnancy scare. After Josh dated and was dumped by Anna Hicks he realized he didn't appreciate Rebecca enough and begged her to take him back. They began officially dating and Josh accompanied her to Scarsdale for her cousin's Bar mitzvah where he got advice from Rebecca's mother. Josh unexpectedly proposed to Rebecca and she eagerly accepted. However, Rebecca found another obstacle to her happiness with Josh as she found herself attracted to her new boss Nathaniel Plimpton. In response to this Rebecca moved the wedding date up from two years to two weeks. Although Josh agreed doubt started to creep in particularly after he learned Rebecca was hiding something that happened in the past. After some soul searching and inspired by Father Brah he left Rebecca at the altar to join the seminary. Rebecca's sadness at Josh jilting her turned to fury and she vowed to get revenge on him.

Rebecca and Josh Season Two.jpeg
Josh and Rebecca drove back from thier hilltop tryst in silence as he was still unsettled by her confession. Rebecca confused Josh and somewhat convinced him he was the one obsessed with her and not the other way around. Despite his trepidation, Josh stayed at her apartment after moving out of the one he shared with Valencia. They begin a friends-with-benefits arrangement but Rebecca hoped to make it something more. She thought giving Josh space for his clothing would help but it only reminded him of the guilt he had for betraying Greg. He briefly moved out because of this but the shame he felt for having to move back in with his parents caused him to return to Rebbeca ("Where Is Josh's Friend?").

Relationship analysis[]

Both Josh and Rebecca have an idealized version of each other not completely rooted in reality. Josh is in awe of Rebecca because she is smart and professionally successful. As pointed out by a confidant of his, Josh is flattered by Rebecca's devotion, admiration and attention. In Rebecca's case, while she is attracted to Josh, her feelings for him are mostly rooted in a romantic fantasy she's had since she was a child. She believes that not only is Josh her one true love but that being with him will somehow make her happy. Her preoccupation with winning his affections has caused her to overlook Josh's relative immaturity and frequent indecisiveness. Josh in turn has a similar blindspot towards Rebecca and cannot or will not to see the depth of her obsession. Rebecca's devotion does have a positive affect on Josh as it encourages him to believe in himself more. Josh will often do the same for her believing in Rebecca while others remain more skeptical. However, given that the root of their beliefs is in those idealized versions of each other this can be seen as a negative as well furthering any unrealistic expectations they have of each other.

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