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Rebecca and Nathaniel

Rebecca and Nathaniel Office romance

Collective information
Actors: Rachel Bloom as Rebecca Bunch and Scott Michael Foster as Nathaniel Plimpton III
First appearance together: "When Do I Get to Spend Time With Josh?"
Songs together: “Horny Angry Tango”, “Nothing is Ever Anyone's Fault

Look..obviously there’s something going on now between you’re doing an ‘Officer and a Gentlemen’ type of thing but now is not the time.
— Paula, "Josh's Ex-Girlfriend is Crazy.

Rebecca and Nathaniel are partners at the firm of Whitefeather & Associates who briefly dated and then had a number of trysts until that ended as well. Upon their first meeting they were antagonistic but this eventually became romantic tension. After Rebecca was jilted at her wedding she wound up seducing and sleeping with Nathaniel. It was only later after recovering from a traumatic episode that Rebecca and Nathaniel officially started dating. However, it didn’t last and neither did a secret affair they had for months while Nathaniel dated Mona. Their first appearance was in the Season Three episode “Nathaniel Needs My Help!

Pairings history[]

Season Two[]

You are crazy!
Little bit!

–Nathaniel and Rebecca, “When Do I Get to Spend Time with Josh?”

Season overview

Before Rebecca’s engagement to her boyfriend at the time Josh she was introduced to her new boss and co-owner of Whitefeather & Associates Nathaniel Plimpton. They were at the start annoyed with each other but a chance influence by the Santa Ana Winds led to a mutual attraction developing. While trapped in the malfunctioning office elevator, Nathaniel propositioned Rebecca which she rejected. However, she unexpectedly and passionately kissed Nathaniel once their ordeal was over. They both struggled over the attraction but didn’t go any further. Upon hearing Rebecca’s father wasn’t attending her wedding, Nathaniel used his private jet to fly Silas Bunch in for the ceremony. He hoped to win her over but she was distracted by the nuptials, her father’s presence and fulfilling the romantic fantasy she had since moving to West Covina. Unfortunately Josh left her at the altar and Nathaniel along the other wedding guests witnessed Rebecca nearly jumping off a cliff in despair. Rebecca redirected her anger at her father and told him she never wanted to see him again. Nathaniel refused to when Silas asked if he could get a flight home and told him to fly commercial instead.

When Do I Get to Spend Time With Josh?”: Rebecca meets Nathaniel and is given a deadline to find a client or staff at the law firm will be fired.

Josh Is the Man Of My Dreams, Right?”: Rebecca and Nathaniel have sex dreams about each other. They get stuck in an elevator and share a kiss.

Will Scarsdale Like Josh's Shayna Punim?”: Nathaniel questions why Rebecca moved up her wedding date suggesting it had something to do with their kiss in the elevator.

Is Josh Free in Two Weeks?: Nathaniel learns Rebecca’s father isn’t going to attend her wedding and generously decides to have Silas Bunch flown in on his private jet for the ceremony.

Can Josh Take A Leap Of Faith?”: Nathaniel attends Josh and Rebecca’s engagement party. He i in attendance at the wedding and witnesses Rebecca’s breakdown over Josh leaving her at the altar. He refuses to let Silas Bunch use his private jet again after Rebecca declares she wants nothing to do with her father anymore.

Season Three[]

So I know that I said that...I could get pencils and pens with you indefinitely but I can’t.
Why? You said getting...scotch tape and white out doesn’t hurt anybody.

–Rebecca and Nathaniel, “Nathaniel Gets the Message!”

Season overview

Nathaniel and Rebecca’s friends were concerned about her as she disappeared for a week after the wedding. She returned with a new attitude dertermnined to get revenge on Josh. She recruited Nathaniel offering to sleep with him if he could exact the perfect payback. He put a plan in motion and had sex with Rebecca but she later was mortified to learn what he had enacted. At her request he stopped his scheme and Rebecca ignored him afterwards distracted by her need for vengeance. While all her efforts failed a scandal from Rebecca’s past was revealed to everyone. She pushed Nathaniel and her friends away and attempted to commit suicide. This caused Nathaniel to remember his own mother’s suicide attempt when he was a child. While Rebecca recovered Nathaniel and her became closer and eventually began dating officially. However, Rebecca was uncertain she could handle a relationship at the time and ended things. She attempted to return to work but a broken hearted Nathaniel fired her. In response she found legal loopholes to void his purchase of Whitefeather & Associates shares. Rebecca bought the shares and became a partner in the firm forcing her and Nathaniel to work together once more. Despite Nathaniel dating Mona he and Rebecca began having an affair for several months until she ended things between them again. When Rebecca rejected her ex-lover Trent Maddock once more he planned to get revenge by hurting Nathaniel. Rebecca prevented Trent from stabbing Nathaniel by pushing him off a balcony of a high rise building. She was arrested for attempted murder and represented by Nathaniel in court. Against Nathaniel’s advice Rebecca pleaded guilty in order to accept responsibility for all her actions since moving to West Covina.

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