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Running jokes

Running jokes Recurring theme: Recycled humor throughout the show
First Appearance: ""Josh Just Happens to Live Here!""

What a weird ad campaign.
— Rebecca, "Josh a just Happens to live here"

Running jokes on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are funny moments on the show which usually are built on a previous humorous situations. On the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Wikia, running jokes are listed in the "Recurring Themes" section of the episode pages. They are separated into specific examples listed below.


  • All the places!: Someone rattles of a long list of things only to be cut off before they can finish.
  • Bonnie & Clyde: Boob jokes usually involving Rebecca.
  • I went to Harvard: Jokes involving all the Ivy League colleges.
  • I'm not a football player: Joke about football players and domestic abuse.
  • I'm so hot!: Someone undresses with comedic results.
  • I left my wife for a prostitute: A prostitue is on a serial rampage breaking up marriages.
  • So weird right?: Someone states rhetorically or asks specifically if something can be considered weird.
  • No: Someone slowly drags out this word in response to something they don't like.
  • What is happening?: Someone, usually Greg, questions something bizarre that they are witnessing.
  • Butter ad campaign: Whenever the Butter marketing campaign is referenced.
  • Where did she even come from?: Someone, usually near the start of the episode, asks about Rebecca's origin which leads in to the show's musical intro.
  • Poopsgiving: Scatological humor involving defecation, flatulence or urination.
  • East Cameron: Every local shop, store or business is located on East Cameron street.
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Running jokes

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