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Serrano residence

Serrano residence Home of Marco and Greg Serrano
Location: West Covina, CaliforniaDebut: "My First Thanksgiving With Josh!"

Sorry we couldn't go to my place. Lately my dad's been living there for thirty years.
— Greg, "Josh's Sister is Getting Married!"

The Serrano residence was the West Covina home of Marco Serrano, his son Greg and several of his pet macaws. Before they both moved out, a large sign which was once a part of Marco's former Trattoria had been prominently displayed on the living room wall. Marco purchased the house in 1978 and lived there for nearly forty years. He sold the home in 2016 for ten times what he paid for it to a local realtor who flipped houses. It's first appearance was in the Season One episode "My First Thanksgiving With Josh!".


Season One[]

  • "My First Thanksgiving With Josh!": On Thanksgiving 2015, Greg had saved up enough money to finally move out of his dad's house. He struggled to tell his father who inadvertently kept preventing him from delivering the news. When he tried one more time to tell Marco he found his father unconscious.
  • "I'm So Happy That Josh Is So Happy!": Greg and the rest of the crew helped Josh assemble a table at the house. It was meant to be a surprise housewarming gift to Josh's girlfriend Valencia. When she arrived at the Serrano residence to see the finished product she hated it and suggested Josh return it.
  • "I'm Back at Camp with Josh!": Heather and Greg are in his room basking in the afterglow when she unexpectedly tells him she wants thier relationship to be exclusive. Greg is uncomfortable with them becoming a serious thing and suggests they take a break for awhile.
  • "Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!": Marco was watching television while Greg struggled with his insecurities about his relationship with Rebecca. Against his fathers advice Greg decided to act aloof around Rebecca. When she showed up at the house for a visit she was confused by his new attitude. Upon seeing an invitation to Jayma Chang's wedding Greg agrees with Rebecca's suggestion that they go together. Unfortunately Greg actions and heavy drinking at the event pushed Rebecca away. He went back home alone to sleep off a hangover only to briefly declare his love for Rebecca before vomiting into a trash can.

Season Two[]

  • "Where Is Josh's Friend?": After being arrested on a DUI Greg accepts he is an alcoholic Greg and hides for nearly a month from his friends as he tries to remain sober. Rebecca asked Marco several times about Greg whereabouts but he lied for his son and kept his whereabouts a secret.
  • "All Signs Point to Josh...Or is it Josh's Friend?": Marco tells Greg he sold the house and gives him half the money so he can go to Emory like his son always wanted to.
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