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Texting Recurring theme: Continuity
First Appearance: ""Josh Just Happens to Live Here!""

All roads lead to this magical text!
— Rebecca, "West Covina (song)"

Texting is the composing of a short electronic message on a mobile device, usually a cell phone, and sending to another (or several) device. It is one of several real world social media apps featured on the show. Along with words, Texts can also include emojis or photos. Brief snippets of animated content and gifs can also be included, or links to lengthier videos, usually on. YouTube. The first appearance of texting was in the Season One episode "Josh Just Happens to Live Here!".


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Season One[]

  • "Josh Just Happens to Live Here!": After moving to West Covina, Rebecca sent Josh a text and waited for a reply. She was overjoyed when Josh finally texted back a response with an invitation to dinner.
  • "Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!": As Rebecca awaits the dinner details in a follow up text she tracks his movements through Social media. She also unexpectedly becomes friends with Josh's girlfriend Valencia. During a meeting with a client she receives a text from Valencia inviting her to go to a club.
  • "I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!": Josh confirms through a text he sent to Rebecca that he is arriving soon to her housewarming party. After the party gets into full swing he receives and ignores a text from Valencia asking him where he is.
  • "I'm Going on a Date with Josh's Friend!": Rebecca abandons Greg on their date and sleeps with a vegan named Xander. She sent Greg a text in which she claimed she felt sick and went home.
  • "I'm So Happy that Josh is So Happy!": Rebecca abruptly leaves her first therapy session with Dr. Noelle Akopian after receiving a text from Josh inviting her to get some boba.
  • "That Text Was Not Meant for Josh!": Rebecca accidentally sends Josh a text message which reveals her true feelings for him.
  • "Josh's Sister is Getting Married!": A group text is sent out to all bridal party members. Rebecca sends Greg a text that she is in the hospital at the start of a double date Hector set him up with.
  • "Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!": Rebecca sends Heather a text asking 'you up' unaware that is slang for a sex invitation. Josh sends Rebecca a text at his sister's wedding reception to meet him outside.

Season Two[]

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