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The Chans Filipino West Covina family

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Actors: Alberto Isaac (as Joseph Chan), Amy Hill (as Lourdes Chan), Tess Paras (as Jayma Epstein) and Vincent Rodriguez III (as Josh Chan) and Coryn Mabalot (as Jastinity Chan)
First appearance together: "My First Thanksgiving With Josh!"

Hey Becks, heard you're spending turkey day with me and my fam-bam! Suh-weet!
— Josh Chan text, "My First Thanksgiving With Josh!"

The Chan's are a Filipino family who resides in West Covina, California. The parents are Joseph, a radiology specialist, and his wife Lourdes. Together they have three children: eldest daughter and newlywed Jayma Chan Epstein, son Joshua Felix an Aloha Tech Center assistant manager and youngest daughter Jastinity. They are all devout Catholics and follow many of the traditions of their Filipino culture. Their extended family includes Lourdes' sister Tita Myrna and her daughter Ruby. The Chans first appearance together was on the Season One episode "My First Thanksgiving With Josh!".

Group historyEdit

Season OneEdit

Wait, Rebecca...would you join our family for mass?Lourdes Chan
Chan family with Rebecca

In 2015, the day before Thanksgiving, Lourdes Chan bummed into her son Josh's ex-girlfriend Rebecca Bunch. Upon hearing that she was spending the holiday alone, Lourdes invited Rebecca to the Chan's huge family get together. Rebecca arrived the next day bringing the traditional Filipino dish dinuguan and a bottle of red wine. The Chans were quickly charmed by their guest admiring her academic and professional achievements. As they showered her with attention they ignored thier other guest, Josh's girlfriend Valencia Perez.

After dinner Rebecca accepted an invitation from the Chans to go with them to church. Once Rebecca finished using the powder room they were all about to leave when Josh called for everyone's attention. He called Valencia to his side and asked her if she wanted to move in with him. She enthusiastically said yes and while most of the family applauded both Rebecca and Lourdes were aghast. Later, Lourdes gave Josh a few leftovers from the dinner and told her son to use protection if he was going to live in sin ("My First Thanksgiving With Josh!").

Months later, Lourdes and her daughters Jayma and Jastinity visited Rebecca at her apartment. They had all kept in touch since Thanksgiving as Rebecca was a member of Lourdes' book club, got Jayma's fiancé Phillip a good deal on a diamond ring, and wrote a letter to Harvard University on Jastinity's behalf. They went to Rebecca's residence to ask her of did could be a last minute replacement for on of Jayma's bridesmaids for her upcoming wedding. Rebecca only accepted after Jayma offered to make Valencia a bridesmaid has well.

Jayma, Jastinity, their cousin Ruby, Rebecca and Valencia met at the bridal shop sometime later. Together they decided on a similar theme for the bridesmaids dresses with Valencia actually offering some good insight. Not long afterwards Jayma called an emergency meeting of her bridal party to the shop. She revealed to everyone that her dress was done early and had closed them there for an impromptu celebration. Once it was over Jayma, Jastinity and Ruby had to go meet Lourdes for a wedding cake tasting. They left Rebecca and Valencia in charge of making sure the dress was properly packed up.

While they were gone they discovered through an Instagram alert that Valencia had put on the wedding dress and posted a photo of herself in it with the hashtag reading hotterthanthebride. Lourdes and her daughters immediately went to the shop to confront Valencia. Jayma was furious as was Ruby who dropped her usual stoic demeanor to insult Valencia who claimed she was innocent. She guessed someone hacked into her account and quickly put the blame Rebecca. The Chans were shocked when Rebecca confessed she did it. They took pity on Valencia and finally accepted her into the family ("Josh's Sister is Getting Married!")

Family treeEdit

Joseph Chan
Joseph Chan
Lourdes Chan
Aunt Myrna
Tita Myrna
Jayma Chan
Jayma Epstein
Josh Chan
Josh Chan
Jastinity Chan
Jastinity Chan
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