The Crew

The Crew Close knit circle of friends from West Covina

Collective information
Actors: Erick Lopez as Hector, David Hull as Josh Wilson, Santino Fontana as Greg Serrano and Vincent Rodriguez III as Josh Chan
First appearance together: "Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!"
Songs together: "Group Hang", "Greg's Drinking Song"

What a cool crew.
— Rebecca Bunch, "I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends!

The Crew selfie
The Crew selfie
The Crew is a group of friends led by Josh Chan which includes Greg Serrano, White Josh and Hector. They've all known each other since childhood and grew up together in West Covina, California. Valencia Perez was grudgingly accepted into the group since she was dating Josh. Their first appearance together was in the Season One episode "Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!". They are portrayed by actors Erick Lopez (as Hector), David Hull (as White Josh), Santino Fontana (as Greg Serrano) and Vincent Rodriguez III (as Josh Chan).

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Season OneEdit

I thought we agreed, classic crew only!Josh Chan
The Crew with Valencia

Josh Chan, Greg Serrano, Jish Wilson and Hector all grew up together in West Covina, California forming a close knit group which came to be known as The Crew. The friendship continued well into adulthood and they frequently hung out together whenever they could. They were briefly separated when Josh moved to New York but reunited eight months later when he moved back home. They quickly settled back into their normal group dynamic and Josh recruited them to help him put together a dining table. He bought it as a surprise gift for his girlfriend Valencia Perez whom he had just moved in with.

White Josh and Greg had reservations about the relationship and tried to use the table as a metaphor about how they felt about it. The table as served a proxy for Valencia and they tried to convey how much they both hated it. They also attempted to convince Chan he was better off without it. Josh didn't get the subtext nor did Hector who derailed the conversation when he talked about tandem parking with his girlfriend ("I'm So Happy that Josh is So Happy!"). Sometime later they all went to see a movie together called "The Cancer Crew". Afterwards they sat outside the theater and talked about the film and which characters in it they each resembled the most.

Josh though he was most like the character "Chad", a sensitive jock who eats clean and journals hard. Hector thought he was like the bad boy rich kid who slept with a girl who was in remission. Valencia believed she was like the caring nurse who donated her bone marrow. She disagreed when Greg implied she was more like the vain yoga instructor. Josh then suggested that they all go to the beach Saturday but Greg was reluctant hoping to do something different for a change. Eventually they convinced him to go after getting him to do his Seinfeld impression. Greg mentioned wanting to bring a date but Josh felt it should be just the original crew.

Josh spotted Rebecca Bucnh passing by and waved her over to join them. Valencia shocked everyone when she invited her to join them explaining that she was helping a fellow woman out (♫ Women Gotta Stick Together ♫). On the day of the trip Hector overslept as expected and the others prepared to leave without him. They were surprised when Rebecca showed up with the transportation, a huge party bus. Everyone boarded the bus and enjoyed the first class accommodations as two others joined them: Greg's new girlfriend Heather Davis and Rebecca's boss Darryl Whitefeather. Tensions arose among the crew after Rebecca decided to perform an impromptu pole dance.


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