• Hey, a lot of TV show wikis seem to have the cast and crew at the end of the articles (or in the infobox, but I like our current infobox style). Helps with tracking minor characters and actors.

    Are there currently any articles that have that? If so, I can use those as a template to make a section for every episode. And if not, maybe you could make one and I'll see if I can make the rest?

    Two wiki styles I especially like are Memory Alpha (Star Trek) and Buffyverse (Buffy/Angel) (links to episodes provided). Some other features their episodes have are: Navigation between episodes (with episode number) at the top and bottom, a short introduction,  "Memorable Quotes", "Behind The Scenes" info, and in other wikis for modern shows I've seen a "Reception" section (also on Wikipedia).

    Same thing applies; if you're interested in any of those, just write a section for one episode and I'll get to writing them for other episodes.

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    • Navigation between episodes is already at the top in the infobox with the arrows and a brief summary is there as well. Those other additional sections like quotes and production were things I meant to add eventually but haven't had the chance. I previously worked the Community Wiki before this one and was going to use the format seen HERE on its episode article pages. The only thing I didn't add was the cast info; I'll see about making some kind of template which uses photos of actors and characters.

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