• Wanted to let you know I started the merge update today. The first step is largely done, namely carrying over pages that were unique to the smaller wiki. Feel free to go through the import log and clean up those pages as you see fit - there are about 100 or so, and I didn't carry over the infobox templates, as I figured you already had a set here. So anything with a template redlink on its page, there's obviously more info that would normally appear in an infobox¬†:P

    Tomorrow I'll be going through and bringing over images that were part of those pages. The step after that would be comparing pages the smaller site has in common with this one and making a determination as to whether any information is not already duplicated.

    The process will be a little slower than normal due to having to cover Gamescom this week, but it should all be wrapped up by the end of the day on Friday :)

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