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Trent Maddock

Trent Maddock Rebecca's classmate from Harvard and former fake boyfriend

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Occupation: Owns a Computer programming company
Family: Unknown
Actor: Paul Welsh
First Appearance: "Josh and I Work on a Case!"


You know what they say, one person's blackmail is another person's love story.
— Trent, "Josh and I are Going to Los Angeles!"

Trent Maddock 2.jpg
Portrayed by Paul Welsh

Trent Maddock is a Harvard University classmate of Rebecca Bunch who is infatuated with her. He resided in Los Angeles where he was the owner of a computer programming company. Trent is known for his turtleneck sweaters and an odd, off-putting personality. He reunited with Rebecca years later when he was roped into an elaborate scheme her friend and co-worker Paula Proctor conceived. Trent was chosen to be Rebecca’s pretend boyfriend due to being an alumni of Harvard and his close proximity to West Covina. They were at the time unaware how serendipitous the choice was as Trent had been in love with Rebecca since college. When Rebecca was at a low point she slept with Trent and, unbeknownst to her at the time, took his virginity. This further fueled his obsession and led to serious consequences for both Trent and Rebecca. Trent's first appearance was in the Season One episode "Josh and I Work on a Case!". He is portrayed by Paul Welsh.

Character history[]

Season One[]

β€œ Rebecca Bunch I have loved you since the moment that I saw you freshmen year in the cafeteria. You were eating a mac and cheese sandwich, remember? And then last week from out of the blue you friended me on Facebook and then some lady called me and said I was your boyfriend, I mean what are the odds? So weird, right? ”

–Trent, "Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!"

Season overview

Trent Maddock was unexpectedly reunited with his Harvard classmate Rebecca Bunch when he got recruited to be her fake boyfriend. She was unaware he had a crush on her since their time together at school and was more than willing to particpate in the facade. He carried out her scheme convincingly and used his participation to insinuate himself into Rebecca's life. Trent blackmailed her into letting him cook for her, give her massages, bathe her and also sleep at the foot of her bed. Although she had enough and kicked him out of her apartment he decided to try and win her affections through a grand gesture. At the time she was working on a huge lawsuit against the conglomerate known as Greater City water. To help her and get back into her good graces he hacked into the GCW computer servers and found incriminating evidence which could win Rebecca's case. During the trial's reccess he went to the courthouse and gave her the documents. Her grateful reaction to those files prompted Trent to ask if he could now sleep with her in the bed. She considered his request but sent him away before giving a definitive answer.

In 2016, Trent Maddock was surprised when he was friended on Facebook by his former Harvard crush Rebecca Bunch. On that same day he was then contacted by two West Covina residents Valencia Perez and Greg Serrano. They believed him to be Rebecca's boyfriend and curious about the situation he went to Perez's apartment to meet her, her boyfriend Josh and Greg. Before they could talk, Rebecca Bunch herself showed up unexpectedly oddly dressed in fly fishing gear. When she saw Trent she immediately kissed him much to his shock ("Josh and I Work on a Case!"). Trent responded enthusiastically until Rebecca pushed him off. She claimed he was her boyfriend and Trent decided to go along with the lie.

When Valencia asked them to explain a discrepancy with his online profile picture, Trent covered for Rebecca again explaining he mislabeled the photo. After kissing Rebecca once more he left and told her he'd meet up with her later. Trent later went to Rebecca's apartment, snuck in through the patio door and waited for her. When she finally showed up Rebecca was startled to see him and asked if he was going to kill her. Trent put her at ease by explaining he'd been in love with her since Harvard when in freshmen year he saw her eat a Mac and cheese sandwich. Rebecca thanked him for lying for her but told him nothing romantic was going to happen between them. Trent responded by threatening to tell her friends the truth unless Rebecca had dinner with him.

Rebecca reluctantly agreed and even allowed Trent to draw her a bath and massage her feet. He was there the next night as well and again Rebecca insisted he leave as she had a long day. Trent piqued her interest when he mentioned he prepared homemade tagliatelle. He continued to win her over with a shoulder massage and she begrudgingly allowed to stay. During dinner, Rebecca told Trent that while she believed she had a solid case against Greater City Water she didn't have any hard evidence that could definitively prove their guilt. Afterwards, Rebecca rewarded his efforts by allowing him to sleep at the foot of her bed. However, in the morning Rebecca kicked Trent out of her apartment. She closed the door on him as he tried to read her a love letter he wrote to her when they were both in college.

In order to further please Rebecca Trent decided to hack into Greater City Water's servers and found the evidence Rebecca was looking for. During the recess of the trial, Trent went to present his findings to Rebecca. She at first dismissed him believing he was there to bring her more food. He quickly got her attention when he showed her the incriminating emails he discovered that detailed Greater City Water's guilt. At the time the trial wasn't going well as her star witness's credibility had been destroyed by her opposing counsel Audra Levine. She was so incredibly grateful for Trent's efforts that she seriously considered his request to sleep in bed with her. Instead of answering she sent Trent away as she wrestled with whether or not to use the illegally obtained evidence ("Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!").

Season Two[]

β€œ Over my dead body. ”

–Trent after learning Josh and Rebecca were getting married

Season overview

Trent devised a multi-part plan to win Rebecca’s love. He started by trying to work his way into her social circle by becoming friends with Josh Chan and his crew. He invited them all to hang out at Home Base and watch a game but his odd personality scared them off. Trent then went to Rebeccas house and helped rescue Paula who was trapped by a collapsed ceiling. Rebecca was feeling depressed and decided to sleep with Trent unknowingly taking his virginity in the process. Sometime later, Trent was in a cafe and was upset to learn Rebecca got engaged to Josh. He traveled to Boston and bribed a government official to give him a file on Rebecca. Trent discovered evidence of a scandal in Rebecca’s time at Harvard involving a married professor. He flew back to West Covina and arrived the day of Rebecca’s wedding and gave the file to Josh. As he hoped it would this fueled doubts Josh already had about the wedding and he left Rebecca at the altar.

Months after the trial, Trent came up with a plan to win Rebecca's heart. The first step was becoming friends with Josh Chan, White Josh and Hector. He invited them to watch the game at Home Base and paid for the steep cover charge Kevin instituted. The night went poorly as they were put off by his odd personality. After they left a saleswoman Trent met earlier encouraged him to pursue Rebecca directly. Trent went to Rebecca's new home where he wound up lifting debris that had trapped her friend Paula in the bathroom. He later apologized to Rebecca for trying to force himself into her life. Rebecca was still upset about a fight she had with Paula and decided to sleep with Trent. Afterwards, she was surprised not only by how good the sex was but also when Trent thanked her for taking his virginity ("Who Needs Josh When You Have a Girl Group?").

Months later, Rebecca got engaged to Josh Chan and a website was created to make the announcement official. This was noticed by Trent who declared the marriage would happen over his dead body ("Is Josh Free in Two Weeks?"). Trent decided to investigate Rebecca's time at Harvard to find something that could drive a wedge between her and Josh. He travelled to Massachusetts where he bribed a state official to give him Rebecca’s file. Trent found what he was looking for and flew back to California arriving on the day of the wedding. He went to Rebecca's house where he found Josh about to leave for the ceremony and handed him the file. When Josh asked if it had something to do with Harvard and Robert Trent teased it as a possibility before leaving with a smile ("Can Josh Take A Leap Of Faith?").

Season Three[]

β€œ Why won't you love me? What's standing in the way of that? ”

–Trent to Rebecca, "Trent?!"

Season overview

Trent watched Rebecca and Josh’s wedding using a flying drone and witnessed his plan unfold from afar. Thanks in part to his machinations Josh left Rebecca at the altar. Trent followed when Rebecca went to the West Covina Suites hotel where she was to have her honeymoon. On his way there’s he got hit by a bus and broke every bone in his body. He was hospitalized at the Glenn Willow Medical Center where he wasn’t treated by Dr. Roth. Since Trent was immobilized Dr. Roth, an aspiring gave stand-up comedian, decided to practice his material on his patient. For months Trent was forced to hear Roth’s entire routine as he slowly healed. When he felt well enough Trent broke out of his full body cast and escaped the hospital. He blackmailed Rebecca into being her boyfriend but stopped doing so after she soundly rejected him. He went back home to Iowa to visit briefly his mother and returned to West Covina. Trent hatched another scheme this time to get revenge on Rebecca for breaking his heart. He threatened to hurt her ex-boyfriend Nathaniel Plimpton III at a party he was hosting on a penthouse suite. Rebecca pushed him off a balcony onto the pool below where Trent broke every bone in his body again.

"Trent?!": Trent returns to blackmail Rebecca into becoming his girlfriend.

"Nathaniel Is Irrelevant.": Trent fries to get revenge on Rebecca for breaking his heart by going after Nathaniel.

Season Four[]

β€œ Actually, I went to school in Boston. ”

–Trent to Rebecca, "I Want To Be Here"

Season overview

Trent once again found himself in a full body cast and occupying a private room at the West Covina Glenn Willow Medical center. He was recuperating from his injuries sustained from being pushed off a roof by Rebecca after his failed murder attempt of Nathaniel. Before this he had previously erased his online activities so authorities had no evidence of his stalking of both Rebecca and Nathaniel. Trent also pretended to be in a coma to avoid any further scrutiny by authorities as Rebecca was charged with his attempted murder. However, he was visited by Rebecca's friend Paula Proctor who repeatedly tried to get him to wake up. At first Trent remained silent and unmoving despite her efforts which included yelling at him, clapping her hands over him and other gesturing she did. It wasn't until she made a comment of him having graduated from Princeton and threatening to have the school take back his diploma that Trent responded. He told her he actually went to school in Boston referencing his alma mater Harvard University. Trent then realized his mistake as Paula celebrated her victory. Ultimately Trent confessed to all his crimes exonerating Rebecca and freeing her from prison.

"I Want To Be Here": Trent is tricked out of his ruse of being in a coma by Paula Proctor.


  • Trent is shown to have been incredibly talented and highly skilled in several things:
    • As an owner of a computer programming company, Trent has a great deal of entrepreneurial and technical knowledge. He is an expert in hacking people private accounts and even encrypted accounts in the "dark web".
    • He is shown to be a great cook, serving Rebecca expert dishes delicious enough for her to let him stay longer in her apartment.
    • He possesses inhuman levels of strength and resilience, despite his average built. This was seen in 'Who Needs Josh When You Have A Girl Group?" where he easily carried Rebecca and when he helped free Paula from her collapsed bathroom. He even survived two near death experiences and recovered at an inhuman amount of time.
      • Once when he got hit by a bus and,
      • The other where Rebecca pushed him off Nathaniel's penthouse balcony.
    • Rebecca shockingly and graciously complimented Trent's impressive sexual skills, despite being a virgin when he had intercourse with her.

Similarities to Rebecca[]

  • Trent’s infatuation with Rebecca mirrored her own with Josh Chan. Similarly, they also think up elaborate plans to win their respective exes affections which often backfire.
  • Both are highly successful in their chosen field despite the fact that they don’t seem to spend a lot of time actually doing their job.
  • Trent’s songs have been Reprises of Rebecca’s songs:
  • Trent has a fear of clowns and trains which Rebecca also alluded to having in the song β€œI'm So Good At Yoga.”
  • Both Trent and Rebecca went as far as attempted murder in response to someone else having been involved with their ex.
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