Since the show is ending with Season Four this site is going to be really busy. Because of this I’ve offered Alaric Saltzman administrative powers on this site and he’s accepted. So to anyone still reading these blogs please welcome the new administrator for the CXG Wikia Alaric Saltzman ! He’s a Wiki Counciler and seasoned editor with a real love for this show who has already contributed a lot here.

In addition there is some other big news I have to share.

I founded this Wiki years ago as an alternative to another Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Wiki which had a head start building up it’s site. I did so with the thought I could make a better one and possibly spur the first Wiki into improving its rather lackluster efforts. Eventually the other Wiki collapsed while this one grew to more prominence. After talking with Wiki staff a merger of the two Wikis will now take place starting August 20. I don’t know the details of how it’ll work but hopefully getting the domain name will bring in more visitors and contributors.

With all that said I’m looking forward to working alongside Alaric Saltzman to improve this Wiki. What I boasted about on the banner has became true, this is now the DEFINITIVE resource for CXG fans!

Ultimateatomicbuster (talk)

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