As you've probably noticed I haven't been editing that much lately with only a few minor edits here and there. The thing is I've been sick the past few weeks as there was a flu/cold bug going around in my area. I've only now gotten better and have some spare time now during which I plan on going back to work on this Wiki. Surprisingly the views on the site are still somewhat strong despite the lack of edits. I credit this to all the content created here which is more than just cut and pasted info from Wikipedia and IMDb. Right now I plan on finishing the plot synopsis of the Season Two episodes and updating the format of the articles with the new Recurring themes templates.

Since IMDb has shut down it's message boards you all should check out the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend SubReddit! It's a great place for in depth discussions on the show where you can post theories and speculations and look at fan created tributes. Also, as usual, this site could use some help! Jump in and correct any typos, spelling errors, grammatical mistakes you come across. If there is trivia or notes you think that need to be included on a page feel free to edit just remember to add a link to the source. In addition, if you could spread the word about this Wikia it'd be most appreciated. Click the share button on any of the article pages and choose the social media to post the link on.

Ultimateatomicbuster (talk) 11:44, March 29, 2017 (UTC)

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