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Valencia's apartment

Valencia's apartment Valencia's residence
Location: California — Debut: "I'm So Happy that Josh is So Happy!"

Valencia, will you move in with me?
— Josh, "My First Thanksgiving With Josh!"

Valencia's apartment is the home of Valencia Perez which she used to share with her ex-boyfriend Josh Chan. It is the apartment number 201 at the complex called Casitas de la Flores. Josh had to sign as the lease by himself since Valencia had bad credit rating. After Valencia dumped Josh he moved out finding a temporary residence with Rebecca Bunch. Its first actual onscreen appearance was in the Season One episode "I'm Back at Camp with Josh!".


  • I'm So Happy That Josh Is So Happy!": Rebecca and Paula watched from across the street as Josh and Valencia moved thier things into the apartment.
  • "I'm Back at Camp with Josh!": Josh is at the apartment getting prepared to go to his volunteer camp when Valencia passive aggressively complains that he could be working extra shifts at the Aloha Tech Center instead. After camp he returns home and tells Valencia that despite her objections he will continue to volunteer.
  • "That Text Was Not Meant for Josh!": Rebecca uses the spare key hidden in the Buddha sconce to enter the apartment in order to erase a text she sent to Josh which was on his phone inside. Josh found her there and comforted her when she made up a story about her own place being broken into.
  • "Josh and I Work on a Case!": Rebecca, Paula and Darryl went to the apartment to convince Josh to sue his landlord. Rebecca returned sometime later by herself to update Josh on the case when she found her supposed new boyfriend Trent Maddock inside with Josh, Valencia and Greg.
  • "Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!": Rebecca and Trent kissed inside the apartment to prove they were a real couple. Josh told Valencia to trust him when she apologized for being wrong about Rebecca's new boyfriend.
  • "Josh is Going to Hawaii!": After he kissed Rebecca at the courthouse, Josh acted nervous around Valencia at the apartment and told her they need to talk later. When he admitted his indescretion, Valencia forgave him. He decided to not go on a trip to Hawaii and stayed with Valencia at the apartment.
  • "Why Is Josh in a Bad Mood?": Josh returned to the apartment in a bad mood because of his conflicted feelings about Rebecca sleeping with Greg. He got angry at Valencia and even turned her down when she wanted to have sex.
  • "Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!": While Josh and Valencia were preparing for his sisters wedding, he announced he was looking for a ring to propose to her. When he left the room Valencia performed an impromptu victory dance.


  • The house's name in Spanish should be "Casita de la flor" or "Casita de las flores"
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