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Valencia Perez

Valencia Perez Josh Chan's ex-girlfriend of fifteen years

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Occupation: Party Planner; formerly Yoga instructor
Family: Fernanda (mother)[1] Jorge (father)[2] Elena (sister)
Beth (Wife)
Actor: Gabrielle Ruiz
First Appearance: "Josh's Girlfriend is really Cool!"


Oh, this is why I can't have women friends. Why does everyone want to have sex with me?!
— Valencia, "Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!

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Valencia Maria Perez
Portrayed by Gabrielle Ruiz
Valencia Maria Perez is a native of West Covina, California. Her first name was Maria but she didn't care for it and changed it to her mother's maiden name 'Valencia' which means 'brave' in Spanish. She was the high school sweetheart and former girlfriend of Josh Chan. They were together for fifteen years until she got tired of waiting for him to propose and broke up with him. At the time she used to work as a yoga instructer and once hoped to run her own studio. However, she refocused her goals and decided to become an event planner. Valencia's personal life changed drastically as well as she became close friends with Rebecca Bunch and discovered she was bisexual. She is currently engaged to a former party planning client named Beth. Valencia's first appearance was in the Season One episode "Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!". She is portrayed by actress Gabrielle Ruiz.

Character history[]

Season One[]

β€œ I don't trust you as far as I can throw you which isn't far since you eat bagels after eight P.M. ”

–Valencia, "Josh and I Work on a Case!"

Season overview

In 2015, Valencia Perez reunited with her boyfriend Josh Chan after he spent eight months in New York. Not long after he returned she briefly became friends with a new resident of West Covina named Rebecca Bunch despite her having a history with her boyfriend. An incident a night club convinced Valencia that Rebecca was emotionally unbalanced. She tried to prevent Josh from seeing her wary of any hidden agenda Rebecca might have towards him. Despite Rebecca's increasingly suspicious behavior Valencia was unable to convince Josh of her true motivations. During this time Josh and Valencia decided to move in together. The relationship was tested when Josh admitted he kissed Rebecca. Despite how hurt she was Valencia forgave Josh and was gave him another chance. To atone for her actions Rebecca got Josh's sister Jayma to make Valencia one of the bridesmaids at her wedding. Valencia was excited to be a part of the bridal party which inspired Josh to seriously consider their future together. When Josh told her he was going to propose Valencia colluded with his Aunt Tita Myrna to get him a ring. After Josh found this out he was angry at Valencia for manipulating him and not believing that he could do this on his own. Valencia felt she had to give him a push since he had kept her waiting for fifteen years through all their ups and downs. Valencia finally had enough of his indecisiveness and broke up with Josh.

Valencia had Josh miss a party at Beans house to attend her neice's quinceanera ("Josh Just Happens to Live Here!"). After she and Josh went to the nightclub Spider's they shopped at a grocery store where they ran into an old camp friend of his named Rebecca Bunch. They became friends after Rebecca attended one of Valencia's yoga classes. Together they went to the Spider's night club accompanied by Josh and Greg. Valencia was enjoying dancing with her new BFF but a drunken Rebecca ruined the moment by kissing her. After Valencia pushed her away, Rebecca tried to explain her actions and in the process revealed Josh and her were actually ex-lovers. Furious she had been lied to, Valencia warned Rebecca to stay away from them and stormed out with Josh in tow ("Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!").

Valencia was out of town at a Yoga retreat and told Josh to never be alone with Rebecca again. When she got home she texted Josh and asked him where he was at unaware he was at a housewarming party Rebecca was throwing ("I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!"). Sometime later she and Josh took a vacation to Temecula and posted what some people considered graphic pictures on Instagram of their time there ("I'm Going on a Date with Josh's Friend!"). On Thanksgiving, Valencia attended the holiday at the Chan residence. She didn't look forward to this as her boyfriends family made no attempt to hide thier disdain for her. Somehow Rebecca got invited to the dinner and Valencia watched as she charmed Josh's relatives.

In private she confronted Rebecca about what she was doing and warned her to stop trying to get inbetween her and Josh. She complained to Josh about Rebecca and the two got into a heated argument in his parents bedroom. The disagreement inexplicably turned to lust and the two had sex. Afterwards, they agreed to move int together and Josh made a public announcement to his family of their plans. Valencia joined Josh as he got thanksgiving leftovers from his mother who warned them to use contraception if they were going to live in sin. Valencia told Josh she was actually thankful now that Rebecca had come since it led to this happy outcome. She then started planning on where they should live and what kind of apartment they should move into ("My First Thanksgiving with Josh!")

After some searching, Valencia found a place for her and Josh at the Casitas de La Flores apartment. She oversees Josh moving thier things from the moving truck into thier new home. Valencia worried if he bought the right sage as it's needed for a spiritual cleansing. The ritual was meant to rid the new domicile of ghosts who are obsessed with Valencia. She also mentions the need for a new dining table which Josh makes a note of. Sometime later, Valencia is called to meet Jish at the Serrano residence. He surprises her with a fining table that he and his crew put together. Valencia tells a disappointed Josh the table isn't right for their apartments decor while feigning appreciation at all of the hard work he and his friends put into it ("I'm So Happy that Josh Is So Happy!").

Valencia surprised Josh and his crew when she invited Rebecca on their beach trip (β™« Women Gotta Stick Together β™«). Rebecca provided the transportation and a bikini clad Valencia made sure to never leave Josh's side. As Valencia expected, Rebecca did something embarrassing to get Josh's attention (β™« Your Love Is My Sugar β™«). Valencia couldn't believe Josh accepted Rebecca's excuse for her antics and noticed how jealous he got when it was revealed Greg and Rebecca hooked up. Valencia intervened when Josh and Greg almost got into a fight over it. Ultimately, Rebecca was caught in a lie and confessed her real reasons for moving to West Covina. Satisfied at having proven Rebecca was a liar, Valencia left the bus to let Josh deal with Rebecca alone ("I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends!").

Sometime later, Valencia criticized Josh when he was preparing to go on his annual volunteer camping trip with troubled teens. She felt he could be using his time to work more hours at the Aloha Tech Center and earn more money for thier future. He went anyway and he returned with a more confidant demeanor telling Valencia he was going to continue volunteering every year no matter what she thought ("I'm Back at Camp with Josh!"). Weeks later, Rebecca Bunch approached Valencia and Josh about a lawsuit against thier landlord which had the potential of getting them a lot of money. Valencia was almost swayed but didn't trust her, particularly when she found out Josh told Rebecca she wasn't on the lease and he'd be the sole plaintiff.

She and Josh walked out on the meeting and Valencia teamed up with Greg to try and figure out Rebecca's angle on this. When Rebecca, her boss Darryl and Paula came to her apartment to talk more about the case she convinced Josh to refuse once again. It wasn't until they found out that all the other tenants signed up for a class action lawsuit that Valencia caved and allowed Josh to join as the main plaintiff. She and Greg still investigated Rebecca and discovered her new boyfriend Trent Maddock might be another lie. They brought Trent to the apartment to meet Josh but before they could talk Rebecca barged in. To Valencia and everyone else's shock Rebecca passionately kissed Trent ("Josh and I Work on a Case!").

Valencia tried to prove Rebecca's kiss was just an act but Trent confirmed they were actually a couple. Despite feeling that it's all a lie she backs off of her accusations when her ally Greg gives up. She apologizes to Josh who tells her to trust him ("Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!"). When Josh returns from L.A. he tells Valencia they need to talk and she speculates on what this could be about. She phoned her mother and guessed that Josh was about to propose. Instead she found out that Josh wanted to confess he kissed Rebecca when he went to Los Angeles. Although upset by his news, Valencia surprised Josh by forgiving him and remained committed to thier relationship. Josh decided to forgo a trip to Hawaii he was going to go on and elected to stay in town with her ("Josh is Going to Hawaii!").

Valencia is surprised when Josh's sister Jayma asks her to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. Josh explained that Rebecca arranged this as a way of apologizing for what happened. Valencia then met up with the Jayma, Jastinity, Ruby and Rebecca at the Bridal shop. She is catty towards Rebecca at first but slowly warms up to her self deprecating attitude. Later, an impromptu celebration for the bridal party at the shop brings Valencia and Rebecca even closer together. However, things between them break down again thanks to Paula's meddling as a photo Rebecca took of Valencia wearing Jayma's wedding gown is briefly posted online. When the Chan women confront Valencia she accuses Rebecca for doing this who accepts the blame. With Valencia now portrayed as an innocent victim she is finally accepted by the Chan's ("Josh's Sister is Getting Married!").

As the wedding plans continued, Jayma put Valencia in charge of the guests complementary gift bags. She worked on them at the apartment and managed to get them all done except for 28 bags that needed potpourri sashes of cloves and lavender. When Josh arrived home she asked him if he could help her but he told her he'd do it later since he needed a shower. She noticed something was off about Josh and asked what was wrong. Josh wouldn't go into get details and just said he was in a bad mood which Valencia found hard to believe. She than offered to make him feel better by joining him in the shower but Josh declined. Valencia was shocked that he actually rejected her offer of sex and stormed off insulted ("Why Is Josh in a Bad Mood?").

The next day at the apartment, Valencia showed off to Josh a dress she was going to wearing for his sister's wedding reception later that night. She was excited when Josh told her he was thinking about thier future and going to look for a ring. To ensure he was successful she secretly contacted his Aunt Myrna who had his grandmother's ring. At the wedding reception, Myrna gave Josh the ring but accidentally let him know this was arranged by Valencia. In private, a furious Josh confronted Valencia about her manipulations. An exasperated Valencia finally vented her frustrations at having waited patiently for Josh to officially commit. She demanded he propose but Josh ignored her arguments which angered Valencia further. Fed up with his excuses, Valencia broke up with him ("Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!").

Season Two[]

β€œ I’m going to be your wedding planner. You need one. Desperately, like with the headset and the black pants suits. Yeah, wow, I would actually totally crush that look. ”

–Valencia, β€œIs Josh Free in Two weeks?”

Season overview

Valencia spent weeks hiding in her apartment after breaking up with Josh. During this time she gained weight and became a recluse only venturing out to buy food. Rebecca ran into Valencia at Sugar Face and hounded her about them commiserating over having their hearts broken by Josh. To her surprise Valencia and Rebecca did bond and along with Heather Davis formed a tight knit girl group. When they discovered Josh had a new girlfriend they investigated her but Valencia decided to eventually just let go of her obsession with Josh. She was so over her ex-boyfriend that she wasn’t all that upset to learn he and Rebecca not only got back together but also got engaged. When Valencia saw how stressed Rebecca had gotten while planning the wedding she agreed to take over the planning details for the event. On the day of the ceremony she and Heather delivered the bad news to Rebecca that Josh ran away. Along with Paula and Heather, Valencia helped talk Rebecca down when she was teetering on the edge of cliff near the wedding venue.

After breaking up with Josh, Valencia went on a downward spiral. She stopped teaching yoga and started eating junk food rapidly putting on weight. Valencia became a recluse only going out to pick up food she ordered. On one such excursion she bumped into Rebecca at the donut shop Sugar Face. For some reason this inspired her former rival to want to bond with her. Rebecca even visited Valencia and tried to push the ideas of a feminist tome. When that failed, Rebecca tricked Valencia into attending an annual alternative festival. While they were there they accidentally imbibed some drugs and had a hallucinogenic experience (β™« Triceratops Ballet β™«). Surprisingly, Josh showed up to the event and together Valencia and Rebecca got revenge of a sort on him for breaking thier hearts ("Why Is Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs?").

Valencia and Rebecca began hanging out alongside her roommate Heather Davis forming a "Gurl Group" (β™« Friendtopia β™«). Valencia was excited to be a part of a female clique and together they made many posts on Instagram. Rebecca tried to include her other friend Paula Proctor in the group. She tried to force a friendship by tricking Paula into attending a sex toy party with Va,encia and Heather. The night went horribly as shoddy remodeling work in Arebecca's house resulted in Paula getting trapped in the bathroom (β™« Stuck in the Bathroom β™«). This led to Valencia witnessing Rebecca and Paula argue having a harsh falling out. She saw also saw a funny dance (β™« We Gonna Keep it Rolling β™«) party crashers Darryl Whitefeather and Maya did. She recorded the performance on her phone and uploaded it on YouTube ("Who Needs Josh When You Have a Girl Group?").

Season Three[]

β€œ First I didn't notice that, but even if you're right I hope they get married and we get to do their wedding AND we get to do their ironic divorce parties and then their second weddings. That's how you build a business. ”

–Valencia, "Nathaniel Gets the Message!"

Season overview

Valencia and the rest of the Gurl Group agree to help Rebecca get revenge on Josh but they all refuse to go through with their friends initial scheme. When a revenge plan by Rebecca backfires everyone in her social circle learns she was briefly institutionalized after a scandal at Harvard. Valencia and Darryl Whitefeather join Paula in forming an intervention to help Rebecca. It goes poorly and at one point Rebecca lashes out and insults Valencia for planning weddings while not being able to get married herself. After Rebecca goes missing, Valencia joins the search party for her and pairs off with Paula. She learns the truth about Paula and Rebecca scheming to break up her and Josh. When Rebecca returns after a suicide attempt, Valencia and the Gurl Group do their best to support her. Valencia handles Rebecca's social media to distract herself from how hard almost losing her friend affected her. She refocuses on her business and lands an engagement party between Marty and Ally. Rebecca offers to help Valencia but ends up ruining the event by outing Ally as a cheater. Valencia is contacted by an L.A. promotion planner named Beth to help with local events. After eight months passed Valencia and Beth are in both a romantic and professional relationship. Beth and Valencia book a sweet 16 party with Josh deejaying the festivities. Valencia staged it as a high class affair hoping to attract more up scale clients. When Rebecca is arraigned for the attempted murder of Trent Maddock, Valenica is in the court room to hear her friend's plea.

Valencia Perez Season Three.jpeg

Season Four[]

Valencia and the Gurl Group do what they can to support Rebecca while she’s in prison. Once Rebecca is released Valencia advises her friend to stop feeling guilty over her white privileged and instead try to help those less fortunate than her. Valencia participates in a seance with her friends leading to some spooky shenanigans. To drum up business, she and Beth encourage Heather to use their party planning services for her friends wedding to Hector so they can create advertising material of the event. Valencia and Beth are hired by a New York party planning firm and get a memorable going away party thrown by Rebecca. She keeps in touch with her west coast friends online and eventually Rebecca travels to New York to stay with her while she’s visiting her mother in Scarsdale. Valencia then returns to West Covina for an extended period. She attends her 12 year high school reunion and gets closure on a secret romance from her past. Beth and Valencia go to Paula’s Law school graduation party and she also gets cast in a local musical. During this time she has a fight with Beth over not getting a marriage proposal. Alongside the Gurl Group she goes to Las Vegas to find a missing Audra Levine. She eventually makes up with Beth and participates in a bet on Rebecca’s love life. Eventually Valencia proposes to Beth and she supports Rebecca in her dream to pursue a career in musical theater.


Valencia’s age[]

Valencia was born on May 5, 1988 as revealed when Rebecca gained access to Josh's phone in "That Text Was Not Meant for Josh!" making her a Taurus and 27 in the first season and 30 at the end of the show (31 in the flashforward).

Expanded role[]

In an interview with Stage Door, actress Gabrielle Ruiz mentioned that the character of Valencia was only meant to be in two episodes in Season One but her part later got expanded to be included in 9 more episodes:
β€œ Valencia was only supposed to be in two episodes and it became eleven. I like to give credit to the chemistry I have with Rachel off-screen. We got along very well, we understood each other, we improvised well, we had fun on-screen. The characters of Rebecca and Valencia worked so well, and none of us knew that until we were in the roles. I was lucky enough to be able to stick around and keep creating this role with the cast. ”
β€” Gabrielle about her role expansion

On May 23, shortly after "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" had been renewed by The CW for the 2016 - 2017 season, it was officially announced that Gabrielle Ruiz was made a series regular for Season Two.

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Ruiz on the giant pretzel.
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